Long time, no see. I’ve been dealing with computer issues recently and didn’t have my laptop. My hard drive crashed… But I’m not going to use that as an excuse. I could have used my boyfriend’s laptop, but I just haven’t been in my element lately. However, that’s going to change RIGHT. THIS. MINUTE.

I intend on getting back into my weekly posting schedule, so expect more outfit posts to come your way in the near future!! For now, I am going to share my wardrobe wishlist. It’s that time of year, with Christmas and my birthday in just a little over a week so who knows? Maybe some of these beauties will be coming my way.

wishlist 23

Lincoln dress available at Shop Dawn

wishlist 22

Clemence Jumpsuit available at Reformation

wishlist 21

Canary Dress available at Reformation

wishlist 20

Roswell Dress available at Reformation

wishlist 19

Bosnia Dress available at Reformation

wishlist 18

Mora Dress available at Reformation

wishlist 17

Kelp Dress available at Reformation

wishlist 16

Roswell Dress available at Reformation

wishlist 15

Wyler Dress available at Reformation

wishlist 13

Charlie Dress available at Reformation


Vegan Leather Skirt available at Nasty Gal

wishlist 12

Denim Overall available at Urban Outfitters

wishlist 11

Harlow Tee available at Urban Outfitters

wishlist 10

All Night Long Dress available at Urban Outfitters

wishlist 9

Midnight Maxi Dress available at Urban Outfitters

wishlist 7

Crushed Velvet Godet Dress available at Urban Outfitters

wishlist 6

Black Ankle Boot available at Urban Outfitters

wishlist 5

Pebbled Leather Ankle Boot available at Urban Outfitters

wishlist 4

Silky Harem Jumpsuit available at Urban Outfitters

wishlist 3

Henley-Front Romper available at Urban Outfitters

wishlist 2

Lace Velvet Skater Dress available at Urban Outfitters

wishlist 24

Plunging Lace Cami available at Urban Outfitters

wishlist 27

Everything is Rosey Pullover available at Free People


I am constantly inspired. No matter where I go, there’s something that intrigues me or piques my interest. Right now I’m really inspired by color and rainbows. If you’ve seen or read any of my previous posts you’d know that I’m pretty much always inspired by rainbows, but right now I am especially inspired! I think it’s because they’re so bright, vibrant and full of life. Color just makes me happy. But don’t get me wrong, I love me some black and white, but I just need a little rainbow thrown in every now and then!

Even if rainbows aren’t your thing, I hope you enjoy these photos and find something that inspires you too!

(P.S. the dress at the very bottom is made from gummy bears! Amazing, right?)

insp 26
insp 7
insp 25
insp 13
insp 12
insp 24
insp 23
insp 6
insp 11
insp 17
insp 18
insp 20
insp 22
insp 16
insp 15
insp 21
insp 14
insp 9
insp 19
insp 8
insp 5
insp 3


This has got to be one of my favorite color combinations– rust and plum! Sometimes outfit ideas just come to me in the morning and other days I’m changing my clothing upwards of five times before I head out the door. Luckily today was a good day. I threw on my rust-colored jeans and Brandy Melville tank, but it felt a little plain so I added my Urban Outfitters blazer. The rust and plum colors looked great together and this outfit quickly became one of my favorites to date.

Though I didn’t have my internship today, this outfit would be perfect because it’s equal parts dressy and casual. Once the blazer comes off, it’s just your everyday outfit!

I’ve also been getting into headbands and head wraps lately and this one from Free People is the one I wear most often! It is essentially a sheer fabric wrapped around a wire. The wire makes it easy to shape and tie so it won’t come off!! Hair accessories like this are great when you’re having a bad hair day — as I was today! It was humid outside and my hair was just going everywhere and getting all poofy. The headband helps keep everything in place and makes me look more presentable. Cheers to that!

IMG_1978 redone
IMG_2055 redone
IMG_1923 redone
IMG_1963 redone
IMG_1985 redone
IMG_1976 redone
IMG_1969 redone
IMG_1933 redone
IMG_2080 redone
IMG_2065 redone
IMG_2029 redone
IMG_1929 redone
IMG_2033 redone


Blazer — Urban Outfitters

Top — Brandy Melville (similar here)

Jeans — PacSun

Boots — Jeffrey Campbell via Urban Outfitters

Purse — Free People

Necklace — Sundance

Headband — Free People


This color just pops — and rightfully so since this shade of orange is called poppy! Just like a field full of the namesake flowers, it’s hard to go unnoticed in this bright hue!

This outfit is from one of my favorite brands — one that I mention all too often — the Reformation. There were three colors available and my gut initially told me to get the black because that color goes with everything! But sometimes it’s necessary to step outside of your comfort zone and dare to be bold. That’s why I chose the poppy ensemble. The color is absolutely stunning in person and so different from anything else I own. While the two pieces look great together, they look equally as gorgeous when worn as separates! It’s like getting three outfits in one.

It’s also important to note that the material is very thick which makes it easy to wear without a bra and that’s always a plus!

IMG_1878 redone
IMG_1891 redone
IMG_1866 redone
IMG_1852 redone
IMG_1837 redone
IMG_1818 redone
IMG_1833 redone
IMG_1823 redone
pop 4
IMG_1803 redone
IMG_1888 redone
IMG_1864 redone


Two Piece — Reformation

Boots — Qupid via PacSun

Watch — Vintage


Poppy pictures courtesy of Wikipedia


What’s not to love about Mr. Clooney’s other half? British-Lebanese beauty Amal Alamuddin is quite the fashion maven and her street style is on point! She can seamlessly go from ripped jeans and a sweater to an Alexander McQueen gown. Her style seems effortless and so natural. And I have to say I admire her use of florals. She’s a girl after my own heart as the majority of her ensembles include some floral aspect, be it floral fabric or floral appliqué.

There isn’t much this woman can’t pull off. She’s done the print-on-print jumpsuit and the cropped pant with socks. No matter where she’s going or what she’s doing, she looks good doing it! She rocks it head to toe. No. Seriously! You must take a look at her shoes. (Especially the one’s in pictures 7 and 9). I can’t wait to see what Amal wears next — now that she’s Mrs. George Clooney, I’m sure we’ll be seeing lots of her.

amal 3
amal 12
amal 2
amal 10
amal 9
amal 8
amal 14
amal 6
amal 5
George Clooney, Amal Alamuddin


All photos via Who What Wear and E! Online