On the way to my family reunion this past Sunday, I was scoping out locations for a blog post! The reunion was in Sunbury, Pa., which is essentially a hick town with lots of farms. Everyone hunts and eats a lot of meat — the complete opposite of me!! It’s nice to visit with some family I rarely get to see, but honestly my mom and I don’t know or converse with that many people there. However, one of the pluses of having a reunion in the sticks is that there are a lot of cool spots for an impromptu photo shoot. When we drove by this parking lot filled with rusted truck trailers, I made my mom turn around! There’s something about old and rusty things that I’m really attracted to. Maybe that’s why I love antiquing so much!!

The truck graveyard made a great backdrop for my modern and girly outfit. The rust and off-white color were a nice contrast to my pristine white Reformation top. Just as I did in my previous post, I paired my crop top with some printed high-waist bottoms from Sheinside! Since the whole outfit was pastel and mainly neutral, I wanted to add a pop of color with my shoes. So I added my Urban Outfitters flats which were emerald and black! 

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Top — Reformation

Shorts — Sheinside

Shoes — Urban Outfitters

Necklace — Sundance 


I didn’t intend on wearing all Brandy Melville today, but that’s just how it worked out! If you’ve never heard of the brand, you should check it out! Brandy is great for basic pieces that can be paired with jeans, skirts or layered. I’m in love with their sheer tees and easy-to-wear dresses. Most of their clothing is on the cheaper side too which is a bonus. Brandy may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I like their simple design and aesthetic!!

I love this top because the material is thick enough and supportive enough for me to wear without any bra! (Never mind the fact that I have small boobies.) And any time I can ditch the bra, I go for it!! (They’re not always the most comfortable.) Since the skirt had a higher waistline, I thought it would look great with my crop top. I didn’t want to show too much skin and with this look, all you see is a little bit of midriff!!

IMG_9872 redone
IMG_9958 redone
IMG_9992 redone
IMG_9963 redone
IMG_9921 redone
IMG_9988 redone
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IMG_9986 redone
IMG_9865 redone


Top — Brandy Melville

Skirt — Brandy Melville 

Shoes — Sam Edelman via Nordstrom Rack


Clearly I’ve been going through an all-white phase these past few days!! White is always my go-to color. If I see a sweater, a top, a romper — you name it — that comes in multiple hues, my first choice of color is always white/cream. It’s a color that goes with everything. It just looks so relaxed and chic! The only downside is that white clothing can be sheer and you have to be careful not to get dirt, food or any other messy things on it! I sure don’t want to look like a slob!!

This was the outfit I wore to visit my aunt and cousins in Rockwood, Pa., a small country town with a population of 954. There isn’t too much to do there (Walmart is probably the town hot spot) , but it’s always nice catching up with my family! It was in the upper 60s there so I needed something to wear over my playsuit. I decided to add my white button-down shirt from Free People (which I love!!) and then my cream-colored floral loafers to add a hint of color! I was so comfortable for the 2 1/2 hour drive, yet still looked stylish. It was a win-win!!

IMG_9659 redone
IMG_9594 redone
IMG_9623 redone
IMG_9667 redone
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IMG_9649 redone
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IMG_9663 redone


Romper – Purple Cow

Shirt — Free People

Shoes — Urban Outfitters


This is my fourth time wearing these Dr. Martens, yet they still squeak when I walk! Guess I still have some breaking in to do!! Seriously, with every step there’s a low creaking noise coming from my feet! I’m like one of those obnoxious elementary students who has to twist and turn their feet after coming in from a wet playground, ensuring that I squeak the entire way back to the classroom – – except I’m not in control of the squeaking! But hey, at least the boots look good, right?!

I decided to go for an all-white outfit pairing my white Aritzia tee with a lace Urban Outfitters skirt (both of which were purchased on sale I might add!) I added the Dr. Martens to grunge up the look a bit; I didn’t want to look too girly. This outfit would also look great with a pair of heels! The extra height would help to elongate the body. Since the skirt hits slightly below the knee, it can work against me, making my legs appear shorter. But I wasn’t looking to dress my ensemble up too much. That’s why I stayed with my Docs!!

IMG_9463 redone
IMG_9451 redone
IMG_9427 redone
IMG_9367 redone
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IMG_9400 redone
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IMG_9462 redone
IMG_9391 redone
IMG_9370 redone


Shirt — Aritzia

Skirt — Urban Outfitters

Boots — Dr. Martens via DSW

Watch — Vintage


Surprise!! Another floral dress. I just can’t get enough of it! This dress is great, even for those of you who may not be a fan of floral. Since the print is made up of tiny flowers it doesn’t overwhelm! This dress is also even more beautiful in-person than it was online, which is rare! Many times the models, lighting and editing can make the clothing look so amazing online, but once you open your new package the color or material aren’t what you were expecting. Nothing’s worse than that disappointment you feel when the clothing you’ve been waiting for just doesn’t meet your expectations! Luckily this dress didn’t let me down. I hadn’t realized how colorful the print was until I saw the dress in-person. There are hints of purple, orange, red, green and blue — basically every color of the rainbow. Two of my favorite things all in one (rainbows and florals!) I initially had a belt on to give myself a waistline, but I wasn’t really feeling it. So I decided to just go with the natural flow of the dress. I like the loose feel. Some may say it’s shapeless, but to each his own! Fashion is a direct reflection of yourself and this outfit is very me!

IMG_9280 redone IMG_9317 redone IMG_9263 redone IMG_9269 redone IMG_9309 redone IMG_9271 redone IMG_9238 redone IMG_9330 redone IMG_9220 redone IMG_9217 redone IMG_9266 redone IMG_9246 redone IMG_9241 redone IMG_9206 redone IMG_9204 redone IMG_9212 redone IMG_9210 redone IMG_9279 redone IMG_9237 redone IMG_9222 redone


Dress — ASOS

Necklace — Sundance

Shoes — Clarks