If I had $275 to spare, I would have bought the Stone Cold Fox Ziggy romper! It’s just so beautiful and simple and sexy! Ahhhh, I just love it! But as a college student I can’t justify spending that much on one item. But I can justify spending $50 on a look-a-like piece!! Luna B recently came out with their Date Night Romper! While it has some slight differences from the Stone Cold Fox version, it looks pretty darn close to the real thing.

The white stripes are thicker, the tie is higher and the material is different, but I don’t mind that when I’m saving $225! Also, since this romper ties higher on my chest, it makes me feel more comfortable than the Ziggy romper would have. It has a much deeper V cut which I think is cute, but I would have been constantly worrying about a nip slip.

IMG_1225 redone
IMG_1181 redone
IMG_1205 redone


Luna B version on left and the Stone Cold Fox original on right.

IMG_1259 redone
IMG_1306 redone
IMG_1294 redone


Romper — Luna B

Shoes — Shoe Cult by Nasty Gal (similar here and here)


Fashion Week is in full swing and though we’re only four days in, I’ve already spotted some trends on the runway! Prints. Prints. And more prints! There are tons of floral skirts and gowns, not to mention quite a bit of pineapple and palm tree adorned ensembles — which I love! The Mara Hoffman collection was a favorite of mine. I love her boho designs and use of color and print!!

Pineapples and Palm Trees

trend 2

Looks from left to right: Mara Hoffman, Tomas Maier, Nicole Miller, Tomas Maier and Lyn Devon.

I also noticed a lot of deep V gowns with a bandeau top beneath. Hoffman, Monique Lhuillier, Tia Cibani, Sachin & Babi and Nicole Miller all showcased this trend. Finally, there were tons of matching two-piece sets.  Virtually all sets featured crop tops and some were paired with skirts while others were paired with trousers.

Deep V/Bandeau Combo

trend 1

Looks from left to right: Monique Lhuillier, Mara Hoffman, Sachin & Babi, Tia Cibani and Nicole Miller.

Matching Sets

trend 3

Looks from left to right: Nonoo, Mara Hoffman,Cult25 by Yigal Azrouël Nicole Miller and Zoe Jordan.

I spent a good hour and a half looking through nearly every collection that has been shown thus far and I have a lot of favorites! I apologize in advance for the length of this post; it’s going to be a long one! But I think you’ll enjoy it!

Zoe Jordan

nyfw zoe jordan
nyfw zoe jordan 6
nyfw zoe jordan 5
nyfw zoe jordan 4
nyfw zoe jordan 3
nyfw zoe jordan 2

Ulla Johnson

nyfw ulla johnson
nyfw ulla johnson 3
nyfw ulla johnson 2

Tomas Maier

nyfw tomas maier
nyfw tomas maier 5
nyfw tomas maier 4
nyfw tomas maier 3
nyfw tomas maier 2

Tia Cibani

nyfw tia cibiani
nyfw tia cibani
nyfw tia cibani 3
nyfw tia cibani 2

Sachin & Babi

nyfw sachin & babi
nyfw sachin & babi 9
nyfw sachin & babi 8
nyfw sachin & babi 7
nyfw sachin & babi 6
nyfw sachin & babi 5
nyfw sachin & babi 4
nyfw sachin & babi 3
nyfw sachin & babi 2

Rebecca Taylor

nyfw rebecca taylor
nyfw rebecca taylor 13
nyfw rebecca taylor 12
nyfw rebecca taylor 11
nyfw rebecca taylor 10
nyfw rebecca taylor 9
nyfw rebecca taylor 8
nyfw rebecca taylor 7
nyfw rebecca taylor 6
nyfw rebecca taylor 5
nyfw rebecca taylor 4
nyfw rebecca taylor 3
nyfw rebecca taylor 2


nyfw nonoo
nyfw nonoo 5
nyfw nonoo 4
nyfw nonoo 3

Nicole Miller

nyfw nicole miller
nyfw nicole miller 11
nyfw nicole miller 10
nyfw nicole miller 9
nyfw nicole miller 7
nyfw nicole miller 6
nyfw nicole miller 5
nyfw nicole miller 4
nyfw nicole miller 3
nyfw nicole miller 2

Monique Lhuillier

nyfw monique lhullier
nyfw monique lhuillier
nyfw monique lhuillier 4
nyfw monique lhuillier 3
nyfw monique lhuillier 2

Mara Hoffman

nyfw mara hoffman
nyfw mara hoffman 16
nyfw mara hoffman 15
nyfw mara hoffman 14
nyfw mara hoffman 13
nyfw mara hoffman 11
nyfw mara hoffman 9
nyfw mara hoffman 8
nyfw mara hoffman 7
nyfw mara hoffman 6
nyfw mara hoffman 5
nyfw mara hoffman 4
nyfw mara hoffman 3
nyfw mara hoffman 2


nyfw joie


Jill Stuart

nyfw jill stuart
nyfw jill stuart 2

Gary Graham

nyfw gary graham
nyfw gary graham 6
nyfw gary graham 5
nyfw gary graham 4
nyfw gary graham 3
nyfw gary graham 2

Cult25 by Yigal Azrouël

nyfw cult 25 by yigal azrouel
nyfw cult 25 by yigal azrouel 3
nyfw cult 25 by yigal azrouel 2


nyfw coach
nyfw coach 4
nyfw coach 3
nyfw coach 2

Christian Siriano

nyfw christian siriano
nyfw christian siriano 4
nyfw christian siriano 3
nyfw christian siriano 2

Chadwick Bell

nyfw chadwick bell
nyfw chadwick bell 3
nyfw chadwick bell 2

Adam Lippes

nyfw adam lippes
nyfw adam lippes 4
nyfw adam lippes 3
nyfw adam lippes 2


All photos courtesy of Style


So in love with my new purchase from Poshmark!! I’ve just recently discovered the Stone Cold Fox brand and I want every piece in their collection!! Their rompers are to die for!! Ahh, the Ziggy, Stardust and Amour jumpers are on the top of my list. I’d like them in every color and pattern please!

However, their items are just a tad too expensive for me to even purchase one piece, let alone the whole collection. Lucky for me, I found this Quixote top on Poshmark and got it for more than 50% off. It’s such a great piece and so easy to wear! All you need to do is tie the front to your liking (however tight or loose that is) and then pair it with a skater skirt for a more flirty look or some jeans for a more casual look! I also love that the top is made from a heavier material so I don’t have to worry about it being sheer! While the color says mustard, in person it looks like more of a chartreuse/mustard hybrid. But I love it just the same!

If you’re like me and enjoy higher-end pieces, but don’t always want to pay the full price check out Poshmark! I’ve found numerous items on there for far less than retail price — and some are even brand new!! Other sites/apps I frequent for discounted fashions are eBay, Like Twice and Bib & Tuck. Check them out! You never know what hidden gems you’ll find!

IMG_1036 redone
IMG_1154 redone
IMG_1046 redone
IMG_1037 redone
IMG_1160 redone
IMG_1109 redone
IMG_1052 redone
IMG_1155 redone
IMG_1083 redone
IMG_1102 redone


Top — Stone Cold Fox (similar here)

Skirt — Brandy Melville

Boots — Jeffrey Campbell via Urban Outfitters


There’s something about this dress that makes me think of Eeyore. I think it’s the color — though if you look at some pictures, he looks like he’s almost a bluish color. While the color reminds me of the poor soul, nothing else about this dress is Eeyore-like. It’s not sad or dreary. It’s fun and flirty, showing a little bit of skin in the front and the back.

This dress is the perfect skater dress for me! It’s so comfortable and doesn’t require a bra (sorry to the bigger-chested women out there.) I think Tamron Hall said it best on the Today Show this morning; “Skater dresses work for everyone!” It’s so true. They usually cinch in around the skinniest part of a woman and then flare out, but not to an unflattering extent. This makes it work for any and all shapes. Skater dresses are the best of both worlds because they are form-fitting up top and loose and flowy down below.

Check out this article from the Today Show for more about the trend taking over the blogosphere!!

IMG_0962 redone
IMG_0947 redone
IMG_1012 redone
IMG_0930 redone
IMG_0987 redone


The color does look Eeyoreish doesn’t it? Hehe


Dress — Urban Outfitters

Necklace — Sundance

Shoes — Urban Outfitters


Eeyore photo courtesy of Disney


I heard on the radio the other day that men and women are most attracted to people wearing the color red! Who would have guessed?! When I think about what color I like seeing my boyfriend wear most often, it would definitely have to be black. Guess I’m in the minority on that one! I wasn’t surprised that men like women in red. The color red seems to be associated with sex and physicality — or the devil.  I mean, just think of the Scarlet Letter or the modern version Easy A.

I’ve never been super fond of the color because it just didn’t look good on me, but I have been broadening my horizons lately. I bought this dress from Urban Outfitters a while ago (like at least a year ago). I’m not sure if I’ve ever even worn it before, but today I went for it! The dress is super light and breezy making it über-comfortable. I have to say, red is growing on me! I still don’t own many articles of clothing in this hue — and I probably never will — but there is something about the color that makes you stand out!

So now for the important question: Are you more attracted to me in this dress? Hehe

IMG_0831 redone
IMG_0837 redone
IMG_0908 redone
IMG_0856 redone
IMG_0790 redone
IMG_0899 redone
IMG_0872 redone
IMG_0830 redone


Dress — Urban Outfitters

Shoes – Sam & Libby via Target

Bracelet — Nasty Gal