She’s a Victoria’s Secret model, designer and Adam Levine’s other half, but she’s also one of my style inspirations. Behati Prinsloo has such a rocker chic vibe to her. I love how she mixes high-end and vintage pieces and never looks like she’s trying. No matter what she wears, there is some edgy element. If she opts for a pink dress, she pairs it with a leather moto jacket. If it’s a long floral maxi, she adds black biker boots or Chucks. I just love everything she wears!

I also love Behati because she’s from Africa and has the coolest accent. She was born in Namibia and discovered in Cape Town, South Africa at age 16. Ahhh, what a life! She’s absolutely gorgeous — even without makeup. Everything about her screams effortless and minimal…but with an edge. And who wouldn’t want to be married to Adam Levine, right?

behati 3
behati 2
behati 1
behati 28
behati 27
behati 19
behati 18
behati 26
behati 17
behati 16
behati 15
behati 25
behati 24
behati 22
behati 14
behati 13
behati 12
behati 11
behati 20
behati 10
behati 9
behati 8
behati 7
behati 6
behati 4


These photos are not my own.


My Saturday was spent wandering around the Navy Yard in D.C. with my boyfriend. I went in to visit Parcel Market, which just so happens to be run by Virginia Arrisueño — who I intern for — and her husband Kelly Towles, with design by Morgan Hungerford West. The market was great, and though I didn’t pick up too much, I did leave with a Teeny pie! And it was DELICIOUS! My boyfriend and I finished it in two minutes!

If I had the money, I would have loved to get one of the Matine handbags — they’re so soft and absolutely stunning. Matine is simplicity at its best.

I also stopped by the Yards Park Fashion Truck event. There were seven trucks listed on the website, but unfortunately only two were there when we visited. But, while walking around the Navy Yard area, I found so many cool and interesting places to take pictures! I really love the area. After all of our shopping, we stopped at the Gordon Biersch Brewery for lunch and I had an amazing goat cheese and artichoke pizza!

All in all, the day was great! Slightly chilly, but still great. If you have never been to the Navy Yard area in D.C., I highly suggest it. You’ll find nice shops, restaurants and scenery — it’s sure a nice place for a photo op!

IMG_2650 redone
IMG_2508 redone
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Dress — Free People

Shirt — Reformation

Jacket — Blanc Noir via Nordstrom Rack

Tights – Target

Boots — Aldo (similar here)


I decided to channel the vintage simplicity of We Wore What’s Danielle Bernstein with today’s outfit. I love the way she mixes high and low designs with her vintage finds. Oh, and have you seen her mini collection for eLUXE — I’m lusting after the tuxedo-styled jumpsuit!

But, in using Bernstein as my inspiration, I went for a subtle winter look pairing my black Zara jeans with my Urban Outfitter’s dolman turtleneck. I feel like there’s an old-fashioned vibe with this outfit which is very in tune with Bernstein’s style aesthetic.

I just have to say that this turtleneck is great for many reasons: 1) it is made from a nice and thin material so I don’t get overly warm 2) it has thumb holes, as you can see in the pictures, which made this purchase a no-brainer (I also have it in black, hehe)

IMG_2387 redone
IMG_2403 redone
IMG_2379 redone
IMG_2363 redone
IMG_2393 redone
IMG_2374 redone
IMG_2357 redone
IMG_2358 redone


Turtleneck — Urban Outfitters

Jeans — Zara (similar here and here)

Boots — Jeffrey Campbell via Urban Outfitters (similar here)


It’s been quite chilly lately, so I had to bundle up (at least my version of bundling) for today’s outfit post. I absolutely love this coat from Free People. It’s so comfortable and keeps me pretty warm. I added a long sheer T-shirt from Nordstrom Rack and my favorite liquid leggings — which are getting holes in the buttocks area, so I’ll need to replace them soon. The scarf is a new addition to my wardrobe. My mom actually got me two scarves for my birthday on Wednesday so I’m quickly building up quite a nice collection.

My mom and I usually partake in all of the Black Friday festivities, but since so many stores are opening on Thursday now, we don’t do as much Black Friday shopping on Friday. We went to Target at 6 p.m. last night and then went to a few stores this morning, but nothing too extreme. Most of my shopping is done online now, so there aren’t many places I feel the need to physically go to.

Hope you are all enjoying the holiday and the super awesome sales!!

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IMG_2172 redone
IMG_2160 redone
IMG_2152 redone
IMG_2166 redone
IMG_2159 redone
IMG_2149 redone


Jacket — Free People

Shirt — Able Clothing via Nordstrom Rack

Leggings — Charlotte Russe

Scarf — Vintage Jewelry Design at Brickerville, PA

Boots — Dirty Laundry via DSW


Long time, no see. I’ve been dealing with computer issues recently and didn’t have my laptop. My hard drive crashed… But I’m not going to use that as an excuse. I could have used my boyfriend’s laptop, but I just haven’t been in my element lately. However, that’s going to change RIGHT. THIS. MINUTE.

I intend on getting back into my weekly posting schedule, so expect more outfit posts to come your way in the near future!! For now, I am going to share my wardrobe wishlist. It’s that time of year, with Christmas and my birthday in just a little over a week so who knows? Maybe some of these beauties will be coming my way.

wishlist 23

Lincoln dress available at Shop Dawn

wishlist 22

Clemence Jumpsuit available at Reformation

wishlist 21

Canary Dress available at Reformation

wishlist 20

Roswell Dress available at Reformation

wishlist 19

Bosnia Dress available at Reformation

wishlist 18

Mora Dress available at Reformation

wishlist 17

Kelp Dress available at Reformation

wishlist 16

Roswell Dress available at Reformation

wishlist 15

Wyler Dress available at Reformation

wishlist 13

Charlie Dress available at Reformation


Vegan Leather Skirt available at Nasty Gal

wishlist 12

Denim Overall available at Urban Outfitters

wishlist 11

Harlow Tee available at Urban Outfitters

wishlist 10

All Night Long Dress available at Urban Outfitters

wishlist 9

Midnight Maxi Dress available at Urban Outfitters

wishlist 7

Crushed Velvet Godet Dress available at Urban Outfitters

wishlist 6

Black Ankle Boot available at Urban Outfitters

wishlist 5

Pebbled Leather Ankle Boot available at Urban Outfitters

wishlist 4

Silky Harem Jumpsuit available at Urban Outfitters

wishlist 3

Henley-Front Romper available at Urban Outfitters

wishlist 2

Lace Velvet Skater Dress available at Urban Outfitters

wishlist 24

Plunging Lace Cami available at Urban Outfitters

wishlist 27

Everything is Rosey Pullover available at Free People