In preparation for the Emmys on Sunday, I am taking a look at the choice of gowns for the Creative Arts Emmys which recognize excellence for behind-the-scenes work, guest acting and technical achievements. There weren’t as many gowns to choose from, but there were still some excellent looks on the red carpet! One of my absolute favorites was Heidi Klum — heck, she looks good in everything!! She seemed to really enjoy herself on the carpet, twirling every chance she got!! Stay tuned for my Emmys best dressed next Monday!!


Heidi Klum in Project Runway design by Sean Kelly. This dress is gorgeous! The color, the deep V, the fringe — all of it makes for an exquisite gown! It looks even better when Heidi spun around!!

The Creative Arts Emmy 2014 arrivals..Featuring: Troia Bellisario.Where: Los Angeles, California, United States.When: 17 Aug 2014.Credit: Apega/

Troian Bellisario in Unknown. I love Troian and while I wish this gown was a brighter color, I love the design. It reminds me of Givenchy. The top is quite interesting and shows skin, but not in a vulgar way. She looked beautiful!


Nikki Reed in Versace. This color looks amazing against Nikki’s olive skin tone and I love her loose waves! I’m a huge fan of the low necklines, but I always worry that something will pop out! However, I’m sure Nikki has tape in all the right places to ensure that doesn’t happen!


Uzo Aduba in Costume National. This dress is quite simple, but Uzo looks great! I love the sleek design and how the straps drape around the nape of her neck creating an almost shawl-like look!

The Creative Arts Emmy 2014 arrivals..Featuring: Sarah Rafferty.Where: Los Angeles, California, United States.When: 17 Aug 2014.Credit: Apega/

Sarah Rafferty in Unknown. I love love love this dress!! I like that it’s sheer, but not in a distasteful way. I also like the embellishments! The dress just looks so expensive and couture. My only complaint would be that the color of the dress kind of washes out Sarah’s skin! Other than that, this was one of my favorites.


Laverne Cox in Donna Karan. Normally I wouldn’t be crazy about metallic gowns, but this dress fits Laverne so well! She looks beautiful and there was no way I could exclude her from my bested dressed list. The dress hugs her in all of the right places and her body looks amazing.


Kate Mara in Dior. I noticed that Kate made a lot of worst dressed lists, but I have to disagree. While I can admit that the dress has an awkward fit — most likely due to the material — I do love the color on Kate’s skin. I also like the floral embellishment on the bottom! The dress was definitely a risk and I have to give credit to Kate for that! I also love the sleek hairstyle.


Cat Deely in Sachin & Babi Noir. Cat Deely always has great style! Like Kate, I think her choice of attire was a bit of a risk, but I love it! I’m thinking that it’s two pieces (a top and a skirt) but either way it’s great! I’m always one to go for a floral and I like how the print fades to oblivion right above Cat’s knees. It does seem that both pieces are a tad too tight in the waist area because they’re pushing her tummy out, but that may also just be due to the way she is standing.


All photos courtesy of The Gloss


I am so ready for fall!! I’m ready to bring out my sweaters and start layering over dresses, tees and skirts!  There are some pieces of clothing I tend to wear year round — like my Free People Voile Lace Trapeze Slip. In the summer, I will just wear the slip and maybe a light jacket or tights. But in the fall, I’ll layer the slip over top of a long-sleeve shirt or just throw a big slouchy knit over top so just the bottom of the slip peeks out! There’s no reason to put all of your summer/spring clothes in storage for the colder months!!

These pictures are just getting me pumped and ready for fall; plus there are a couple of rainbow pictures! I always find them inspiring. There’s just something about all of the colors that draws me in every time!!

today 23


today 22


today 17.


today 15


today 21


today 19


today 18


today 16


today 14


today 13


today 12


today 9


today 3


today 2


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today 10


I had been eyeing up this dress for quite some time and after getting my last paycheck, I decided the wait was over!!! I love that it shows skin without being raunchy. I also love the colors — pink, green and yellow. They’re not my typical go-to colors, but it’s nice to get out of your fashion comfort zone sometimes!! This dress is so easy to wear and doesn’t require a bra (at least not for flatter chested individuals like myself)! This is also a great dress to wear as a cover-up at the beach because you simply slip it on and tie the front and you can go from the sand to dinner in a couple of seconds!! There are just so many good things to say about this dress and I totally recommend checking it out!! It’s slightly expensive, but you’ll get so much wear out of it that it’s completely worth it!

IMG_0337 redone
IMG_0409 redone
IMG_0343 redone
IMG_0304 redone
IMG_0298 redone
IMG_0310 redone
IMG_0322 redone
IMG_0313 redone
IMG_0332 redone


Dress — Free People

Shoes — Tretorn

Bag — Vintage


I feel like my style is constantly changing! One day I may be wearing a frilly lace dress and the next I’m wearing a crop top and a skater skirt! While I do love clothing, I’ve never considered myself a girly girl. I absolutely suck at painting my nails! I’ve never had a pedicure. I’m not very good with hair (I can put my hair in a bun, ponytail or braid). And I don’t know how to apply any makeup beyond cover-up and mascara.

When I was in middle school my idea of style was a large T-shirt and stretchy shorts — or flared jeans when it got cooler! A lot has changed since those days!! I still love my over-sized shirts, but I have a much better sense of style now! This outfit is one of my favorites!! I always wished I could pull off the rock’n’roll/skater-style looks like Behati Prinsloo, where it looks like you’re not even trying to look good (but really, she’s a model — I can’t compete with that). However, I usually felt like I was trying too hard. But this outfit just felt so easy! I put it together in about a minute and was in love! There were only three pieces — the top, skirt and boots — but the outfit looks so interesting. I think it has to do with the mix of colors, patterns and texture! There’s so much going on with the three pieces that I didn’t need many accessories. I only added a tiny hummingbird skull necklace and a turquoise ring!! Hope you all love it as much as I do!

IMG_0503 redone
IMG_0465 redone
IMG_0554 redone
IMG_0444 redone
IMG_0443 redone
IMG_0452 redone
IMG_0433 redone
IMG_0448 redone
IMG_0546 redone
IMG_0510 redone
IMG_0507 redone
IMG_0540 redone
IMG_0517 redone
IMG_0446 redone
IMG_0493 redone
IMG_0531 redone


Top — Urban Outfitters

Skirt — Brandy Melville

Boots — Free People

Ring — Vintage

Necklace — Billy Bayer Design NYC on Etsy 


I just got back from a two-day mini vacation to the beach in Cape May with my mom and boyfriend. It was nice to get away for a little, but unfortunately the weather wasn’t ideal. The first day it was cloudy and the second day it pretty much rained/drizzled all day! While the getaway wasn’t exactly what we had in mind, we made the best of it!  We spent Friday morning on the beach, and let’s just say I should not have worn a strapless bikini!! 

My boyfriend and I got into the water and were trying to ride the waves (body surf I guess), but some of the waves were so big and I would be pushed down and lose my top. I scurried to pull it up and fix it before surfacing, but it was much more difficult than you’d probably think. This happened at least five times before I finally called it quits! I should’ve worn a top with straps, that way I wouldn’t have had to worry about flashing the entire beach!! Oh, and while I was eating my lunch, a seagull came up behind me and just took my sandwich right out of my hand! I hadn’t even seen it coming! I was so shocked because it all happened so quickly, but I guess I should have been more careful. Those seagulls are clever little devils!! 

I wish I would have had the opportunity to take more outfit photos, but at least I got to use this super cool restaurant wall as a backdrop! This building was just a block from where we stayed so on Saturday morning my boyfriend and I headed over there while there was a slight lull in the rain. When we had driven by, I instantly fell in love with the color and slight ombré effect of the paint. The wall also went perfectly with my outfit. I’m obsessed with this Purple Cow romper. I wear it all the time because it’s just so easy and comfortable!! This time I layered my floral denim jacket (which I scored at Salvation Army for $3) over a Gap vest on top of the romper! This added a floral and polka-dot pattern to make the whole outfit more interesting! 

IMG_0202 redone
IMG_0196 redone
IMG_0211 redone
IMG_0285 redone
IMG_0253 redone
IMG_0207 redone
IMG_0192 redone
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IMG_0172 redone
IMG_0167 redone
IMG_0233 redone
IMG_0288 redone
IMG_0226 redone
IMG_0229 redone


Playsuit — Purple Cow

Vest (under jacket) — Gap (old)

Jean Jacket — Salvation Army

Shoes — Miss Trish of Capri for Target (old)