When I was little my parents would take me to the KB Toys store at the Hershey Outlets. Although the store is no longer there, I have fond memories of searching through the aisles looking for my next pair of heels…plastic heels.

From a young age I had some weird obsession with heels. Maybe it was because I wanted to be taller. (Actually, I still wish I was taller.) Maybe it was just the beginning of my fashion obsession. Either way, I would spend hours walking around my house in these bright pink and purple plastic heels. There was something special about wearing them. It made me feel grown up and pretty. I also loved the sound heels made on hard surfaces. Click clack click clack click clack.

Reminiscing about those times makes me smile. I can picture that little girl with soft curls and an infectious laugh. That girl who didn’t have a worry in the world…except for a broken heel!

After my extensive use, inevitably one of my plastic heels would break and I’d be left with a lop-sided swagger. That’s when my parents would take me back to the toy store and I’d pick out my next victims. I don’t remember how long each pair would last, but I do know I went through quite a lot of heels.

When that sad day arrived, where my feet outgrew those plastic heels, I was heartbroken. There didn’t seem to be any big-girl plastic heels so I had to face the fact that those days of click clacking around my house were over.

But now I have so many high-heeled options to choose from. There are peep-toe pumps and leopard printed kitten heels. There are even stilettos with spikes! Those can come in handy if I ever need to defend myself right? That must have been the idea behind them! I still remember my plastic heel days. I even remember that the majority of them had feathers and jewels. If you were to talk to anyone who knows me well today, they would tell you that feathers and any sort of bedazzling are far from my idea of a good time, but everyone’s tastes change. Mine surely have! But one thing has remained — my love of high heels!!

I don’t wear them as much as I’d like to because they aren’t practical for walking to and from class. But once I graduate, you better watch out because I’ll be the woman in the 6-inch spiked platforms ready to come kick your butt!! (Just kidding. I wouldn’t want to ruin the shoes ;))

Much Love,



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