This is simplicity at its best! Today was surprisingly warm which made for a gorgeous day. I took advantage of the blooming trees and went to the nearby park to take some photos. This was my first time wearing my Reformation top. If you’re not familiar with the brand you should really check it out! Like really! Here’s the link to their site! They are an eco-friendly brand started by Yael Aflalo and their designs are beyond beautiful! If I had the money, I would probably own everything on their site. I never realized how wasteful the clothing process was until I read some information on the Reformation site. There is so much wasted water and fabric and Reformation tries their best to decrease their carbon footprint. All of their clothing is made from sustainable fabrics, vintage materials or from deadstock fabric, which is the fabric that is left over from larger design houses at the end of the season. Their clothing is impeccable and very simple yet stylish. Most of the pieces can stand on their own and you don’t need to add many accessories to make a statement. I absolutely love this top, though I’m still figuring out what to wear under it. I definitely don’t want a nip-slip situation!

IMG_1630 redone

IMG_1640 redone

IMG_1646 redone

IMG_1650 redone

IMG_1658 redone

IMG_1672 redone

IMG_1685 redone

IMG_1701 redone

IMG_1717 redone

IMG_1723 redone

IMG_1741 redone

IMG_1745 redone

Shirt — Reformation

Jeans — Zara

Boots — Qupid via PacSun


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