When I was younger I used to draw rainbows all the time. They weren’t your typical curved half-circle rainbow, but more of a rainbow tornado. I would start with one color and then basically scribble it around and around in circles. Then I’d move on to the next color and do the same thing. By the end of it, I’d have about 10 colors piled one on top of the other! Hey, I thought they were great back then. I wonder if my parents ever got tired of receiving these “artistic” works when they picked me up. Throughout the years, my drawing has improved and my affinity for rainbows has remained intact. Anything rainbow instantly draws my attention! I’m still not sure why, but I am always drawn to color. However, when it comes to dressing, I tend to steer clear of bright colors and go for the neutral tones and black. When I found this dress, I was instantly in love because it was the best of both worlds! It is colorful without being overwhelming. It’s a more toned down rainbow, which is perfect for my tastes! And it doesn’t hurt that I got it for sale either!!

IMG_1783 redone

IMG_1786 redone

IMG_1787 redone

IMG_1789 redone

IMG_1796 redone

IMG_1816 redone

IMG_1825 redone

IMG_1834 redone

IMG_1843 redone

IMG_1861 redone

IMG_1873 redone

IMG_1877 redone

Dress — Free People (Similar)

Shoes — Miss Trish of Capri for Target

Gold Earrings — Urban Outfitters


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