And the award for best dressed of the night goes to…drum roll please…Lupita Nyong’o! She can do absolutely no wrong in my eyes!! This Chanel dress was a little out there, but I think Miss Nyong’o pulled it off quite well! MTV red carpet is where celebrities should take risks and bring out their quirky or edgy sides. But this must be done carefully because quirky can turn costumey real quickly. While I wasn’t too impressed with the majority of the red carpet looks, I do have some other favorites!

mtv lupita 1
Lupita Nyong’o in Chanel. This dress is gorgeous! I love the geometric print and all of the color. Just read my previous post and you’ll see that I love rainbows! She just looks effortlessly stylish.
mtv rita
Rita Ora in Barbara Casasola. This is definitely a bombshell dress and Rita looks the part. She has the body to pull this look off and I think she looks amazing! She’s young, so she might as well flaunt it while she’s got it. I sure hope she had some tape to keep everything in place!
mtv shailene
Shailene Woodley in Balmain. I wasn’t sure how I felt about this at first, but the more I looked at it, I liked it. I love Balmain. All of their designs are edgy and rocker-chic and this look is no different. Shailene looks great and I love the shoes too! I just wish she was actually into fashion! (In a previous interview she said, “I don’t care about fashion. I have a stylist that does care about fashion and tells me what to wear. I don’t own many clothes in my personal life. I own 3 T-shirts.”)
mtv zendaya
Zendaya in Ungaro. Gosh!! This girl is so lucky to have that statuesque figure. She’s nearly 6-feet tall and she can pull off anything. Zendaya looks gorgeous and so mature! I love the colors and floral print of the dress.
mtv desi
Desi Lydic in Unknown. This look I love…until you get to the shoes. I feel that she was going for a pop of color to add to her all-black ensemble, but the bright pink just doesn’t do it for me. Besides that, I think she looks great. The look is simple and I am always a fan of black!
mtv greer
Greer Grammar in Rhea Costa. I love this dress. It has just the right amount of sex appeal and doesn’t show too much skin. But, if I were wearing this dress, I would have gone for edgier makeup and hair. Greer looks too pretty and I don’t feel it fits the design. Regardless, she still looks beautiful!
mtv jessica
Jessica Alba in a Kenzo skirt and Piece D’anarchive top. Damn girl! Jessica Alba is one hot momma! I just love the simplicity of this look. Jessica didn’t pile on the accessories and, instead, let the clothes speak for themselves. She looks stunning and oh so tan! I’m jealous!
mtv karina
Karina Smirnoff in Unknown. I found myself oddly attracted to this look. It’s a little boring, but I think, again, I was attracted to the simplicity. I also like the pastel color palette and over-sized fit. That’s my style in a nutshell. Pastel, over-sized and black. But I was surprised that Karina chose such loose-fitting clothing since she has that amazing dancer body!
mtv kat
Kat Graham in Roberto Cavalli. I saw that Kat made some worst-dressed lists for this ensemble, but I really like it! She’s always the one to try new things and take risks and this was one of my favorite looks of hers. I like that the dress looks like an over-sized blazer and the print is very intriguing. I am also loving her makeup! She looks flawless!
mtv leslie
Leslie Mann in Juan Carlos Obando. Leslie is always beautiful. I love her style and I love her acting. She’s so darn funny! I think she looks age-appropriate, yet fun and flirty for the occasion as well. I also like how she added the orange heels for a pop of color. Desi, take notes!

All Photos courtesy of (Jason Merritt/Getty Images for MTV)


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