While it looks absolutely beautiful outside today, it was only 30° when I woke up! The sky is crystal clear and the sun is shining, but the temperature just doesn’t jive with picturesque scenery. I was freezing as I walked to class this morning and I even had an extra jacket on!! Luckily it’s only supposed to stay like this for a couple days, then it goes back up to the 60’s and 70’s! Since it was quite chilly, I took these photos in about 5-10 minutes. My teeth were chattering!

I had planned this outfit out the night before, which is something I don’t usually do. But occasionally a good outfit idea will just come to me, so I’ll put it all together, including accessories and shoes, and lay it out for the next morning. I have to say, it took me significantly less time to get ready this morning! I’m by no means high maintenance. I rarely wear makeup and when I do, you can’t even really tell because I have no idea what I’m doing with it! My hair is usually up, in a braid or just down. I don’t blow-dry it. I don’t curl it. I don’t straighten it. The longest part about getting ready for me is picking out an outfit. Some days I’ll try on at least 10 different things and feel ugly in all of them. My boyfriend may tell me I look great, but if I don’t feel good in the clothes then I have to change. I think most girls can understand where I’m coming from.

This outfit was comfortable, but still had a little bit of an edge to it. The sweater is from Brandy Melville, a brand I love. All of their clothing is simple, but they have great staple pieces at a relatively low price point. Since I don’t live near a Brandy store, I usually order everything online (which means a) I don’t order often and b) when I do, I try to order at least $100 worth of merchandise so I can get free shipping), but I actually got this sweater from their Mission Boulevard store in San Diego! (I went to San Diego for my 21st birthday and it was everything I could have imagined and more!! I can’t wait to go back!) The sweater is the most expensive piece of my outfit at $56, which isn’t too bad! The shirt and liquid leggings were on sale when I got them and my converse were around $50! Just goes to show that great clothing doesn’t have to cost a fortune!! (Although some really great clothing does cost a fortune 😦 )

IMG_1897 redone

IMG_1886 redone

IMG_1937 redone

IMG_1887 redone

IMG_1895 redone

IMG_1898 redone

IMG_1911 redone

IMG_1930 redone

IMG_1938 redone

Sweater — Brandy Melville

Shirt — Aritzia

Leggings — Charlotte Russe

Shoes — Converse

Long Gold Necklace — J.Crew

Short Gold Necklace — gifted via Sundance


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