I placed an order on the Free People website a few days ago and when I got home yesterday, I couldn’t wait to try on my new pieces. Two of the three items I ordered were correct, but the slip I received was not the slip I had ordered. It was actually $20 more than the slip I ordered which was a nice treat (if I really liked it, I could have kept it and saved myself almost 25%), but I wasn’t as fond of it. So I called customer service and got it all worked out and they are sending the correct slip to me, but I figured I might as well enjoy this slip once before I have to send it back. I left the tags on and styled this Tattered Up Shred Slip for an impromptu photo shoot. Luckily I got some good pictures within the first few minutes because my camera battery died!! I have to say, the slip kind of grew on me! It had more of a boho feel so I added my vintage sheer floral shirt and Dr. Martens to make the look a little more edgy. Despite my new found love of the slip, I will still be sending it back!

IMG_2137 redone

IMG_2092 redone

IMG_2114 redone

IMG_2122 redone

IMG_2123 redone

IMG_2126 redone

IMG_2133 redone

IMG_2135 redone

IMG_2143 redone

IMG_2145 redone

IMG_2154 redone

IMG_2164 redone

IMG_2171 redone

IMG_2186 redone

IMG_2189 redone


Slip — Free People

Shirt — Vintage Find via The Curiosity Shoppe

Boots — Dr. Martens

Socks — Free People


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