My boyfriend bought a longboard a couple weeks ago and as he’s been trying to learn how to ride, I’ve been tagging along. Today I decided to use his board for my blog shoot. Of course my heeled boots are not the best for actual riding! I used the board more as an accessory today. I wore head to leg Free People (my shoes are the only item not from Free People so I didn’t feel I could say head to toe). This was my first time wearing my wire hair tie and I loved it! It kept my hair out of my face which was great. As much as I love my long hair I don’t like it all up in my face! Also this shirt is to die for! It is only $20 too which is a steal at Free People! I can’t wait to get it in more colors!! My dog also decided to join me for the last few shots! Isn’t she just adorable! Her name is Tipper and she is going on 13 years old. We’ve been together since I was eight and we are best buds! She’s so much like me, it’s not even funny. We are both shy, have lots of hair and love to eat! It’s truly a match made in heaven.

P.S. — Next time you see me, I’m gonna be cruisin’ on this board! (Haha…don’t hold your breath!)

IMG_2260 redone

IMG_2195 redone

IMG_2196 redone

IMG_2256 redone

IMG_2209 redone

IMG_2237 redone

IMG_2211 redone

IMG_2231 redone

IMG_2262 redone

IMG_2275 redone

IMG_2277 redone

IMG_2279 redone

IMG_2292 redone

IMG_2293 redone

IMG_2295 redone


Flannel — Vintage via my dad’s closet

Top — Free People

Jeans — Free People

Shoes — Aldo via DSW

Hair Tie — Free People


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