Today my family is coming over for our Easter meal! I’m excited for our vegetarian/non-vegetarian dishes! I am a vegetarian and my aunt and uncle are vegans so our meal consists of some traditional Easter items like ham and green bean casserole, but we also have risotto cakes, vegan barbecue and chia seed pudding among other things. My family is not traditional and our holiday meals aren’t either, but I love them just the same!! This is the outfit I wore to church and now will be sporting for our Easter egg hunt and other festivities. You’re never too old to hunt for eggs (Am I right?)!! For those of you celebrating — Happy Easter!!! Regardless of the holiday I hope you all are enjoying your weekend and spending some quality time with your family!

IMG_2424 redone

IMG_2329 redone

IMG_2345 redone

IMG_2347 redone

IMG_2349 redone

IMG_2351 redone

IMG_2353 redone

IMG_2358 redone

IMG_2368 redone

IMG_2392 redone

IMG_2394 redone

IMG_2427 redone

IMG_2397 redone

IMG_2428 redone


Romper — Purple Cow

Shirt — Coldwater Creek

Tights — Target

Heels — Mossimo via Target


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