I think I may have gotten outside just in time. This morning it was nice and sunny, but the clouds have rolled in and it’s about to rain. I felt a few drops when I was taking these photos. I’ve never been very fond of rain. I guess most people aren’t really fond of it, but I especially hate it when I have to walk to class it in. My hair begins to frizz and by the time I get back to my room I look like an utter mess…at least I think I do. The humidity that always tags along with the rain is not a friend of mine!! That’s for sure. The potential rain led me to put my hair in a loose messy braid today. I figured that way it would just look like I was going for the messy look!!

I wasn’t sure what to wear today, so when in doubt I typically head to something black. It’s my favorite color and it looks stylish no matter what! I decided to tuck my shirt into my skirt because it kept blowing off my shoulders. It was a simple solution to my problem and I thought it still looked pretty fashionable!!

IMG_2460 redone

IMG_2464 redone

IMG_2474 redone

IMG_2506 redone

IMG_2509 redone


Shirt — Cami International via Building Character

Slip — Free People

Skirt — Brandy Melville

Belt — Vintage

Tights — Target

Shoes — Sam Edelman via Nordstrom Rack


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