I’m not super girly when it comes to my style, but I do love myself some lace!! Lace is a simple way to upgrade an outfit! It can dress up any ensemble! I was lucky enough to find this top on the Free People sale rack and I love it! It’s great because you really don’t need much jewelry since the top is so intricate. I love the waistline of the top and how the back is completely sheer. (Yes, that does mean that your bra shows through, but that’s never bothered me.) I even sized up when I bought this, that way I’ll be able to wear it for my entire life (hopefully)! I tend to size up a lot actually. I do it for two reasons: 1. I like the over-sized fit and 2. I will inevitably gain weight at some point in my life (when I’m pregnant or when my metabolism slows down) and I want to be able to wear my clothing for years! I still do buy some form-fitting clothing, but I like to look toward the future. Good clothes are like friends!! I hate getting rid of them! (Especially when they’re so darn beautiful!)

IMG_2647 redone

IMG_2656 redone

IMG_2674 redone

IMG_2678 redone

IMG_2690 redone

IMG_2679 redone



Shirt — Free People

Leggings — Charlotte Russe

Shoes — Converse


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