I’ve always wanted to be taller. Ever since I was younger, I wished that I could be at least 5’7″. Yet, here I am stuck at 5’5″ (depending on the day — or the person measuring me — I’m more around 5’6″). There are perks to being of average height. First of all, most clothing is designed for women who are around 5’5″. If I were much taller, some dresses, skirts and shorts may be a little too revealing to wear in public. Also, I don’t have to worry about being taller than my boyfriend when I’m in heels (Although that would be quite hard to do, since he’s 6’5″)! But I’ve found that when I wear wide-leg pants with heels, my legs look much longer. I like looking and feeling taller. It makes me more confident!

I got these pants from Target more than a year ago and I love them. They are high-waisted and slightly long, so I have no choice but to wear them with heels! I decided to add my safety pin shirt to the ensemble and play with prints! Honestly, I really enjoy mixing prints. I know that sometimes it can be overwhelming, but when done right I think it looks really chic. You have to be willing to take a fashion risk and, occasionally, that risk may not pay off. But we all learn from our mistakes — fashion-related or not! Next time you’re not sure what to wear, go ahead and mix those prints!! I’m sure it’ll look great!

IMG_3149 redone

IMG_3086 redone

IMG_3089 redone

IMG_3099 redone

IMG_3114 redone

IMG_3162 redone

IMG_3125 redone

IMG_3127 redone

IMG_3163 redone

IMG_3132 redone

IMG_3146 redone


Shirt — H&M via Plato’s Closet

Pants — Target

Shoes — Qupid via PacSun


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