I love rompers! They have become my new go-to piece. They’re great because they look like a dress, but you don’t have to worry about the wind making your skirt fly up or the potential undergarment flash (you know, when your underwear is out  for everyone to see). Rompers aren’t all positive though. They do make it more difficult to go to the bathroom, but sometimes you just have to suck it up in the name of fashion! This is one of my favorite rompers. I love the deep V in the back, though it makes it hard to wear a bra. I also love the print. I’m a big fan of florals!! A family friend actually shortened the straps on this romper for me because the front was far too low the first time I tried it on! Now it is perfect. I decided to pair it with my burgundy/deep purple blazer because it’s an instant way to dress up the outfit or make it more appropriate for an interview or work. And I cannot forget the necklaces! Both are pieces I will keep forever. The shorter necklace belonged to my grandmother and it has a beautiful and intricate design with a small diamond in the center. It’s very special to me since I didn’t get to know my grandmother very well. The longer necklace was a gift from my mom (she knows me so well!). It’s an actual mini harmonica. As in, you can actually play it and sounds come out!! Isn’t that just awesome?! I love playing around with it whenever I wear it! It’s a fun and quirky piece that I’ll continue to futz around with for years to come.

IMG_3469 redone
IMG_3395 redone

IMG_3521 redone

IMG_3408 redone

IMG_3504 redone

IMG_3438 redone

IMG_3457 redone

IMG_3421 redone

IMG_3460 redone

IMG_3474 redone

IMG_3478 redone

IMG_3503 redone

IMG_3510 redone

IMG_3512 redone


Blazer — Urban Outfitters (old)

Romper — Brandy Melville

Shoes — Restricted

Short Necklace — Vintage

Long Necklace — JewelMint


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