I wanted to be a dogologist when I was younger. (No that’s not even a real occupation). Once I got my dog, nearly 13 years ago, I became obsessed with anything dog related. I had quite a few dog books and would read them religiously. I would also get up around 6 a.m. on weekends to watch AKC and Westminster dog show reruns on Animal Planet. (You don’t have to tell me. I know I’m a little odd). To this day, I still have a love of dogs and basically any animal. I can also still tell you the name of almost any dog breed. My favorite breeds were always the more unusual ones like the Borzoi or Saluki. I am also quite fond of the furry breeds like my dog Tipper. She’s a Shetland Sheepdog and she’ll be 13 on June 17!

While my current obsession is fashion, I was attracted to this dress because of the dog print. It’s the perfect combination of my two loves! Plus, the dress is from Reformation — one of my favorite brands. This dress is much different than any others I own, but that’s why I love it. I’m branching out in the style world! The dress seems to have more of a 50s vibe. That’s why I decided to pair it with a red lip!!

Although I may not be as obsessed with dogs as I once was, I still find ways to incorporate them into my life! Hope you all enjoy!

IMG_3534 redone

IMG_3536 redone

IMG_3546 redone

IMG_3547 redone

IMG_3552 redone

IMG_3558 redone

IMG_3561 redone

IMG_3666 redone

IMG_3562 redone

IMG_3580 redone

IMG_3602 redone

IMG_3653 redone

IMG_3663 redone

IMG_3678 redone

IMG_3691 redone

IMG_3696 redone


Dress — Reformation

Boots — Qupid via PacSun


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