As you can tell by the smile on my face, school is almost over!! I have three classes today, one tomorrow and then I will be heading home on Wednesday!! Unfortunately I will still have two take-home finals to work on, but at least I’ll be home! Right now, I’m just dreading all the packing! I arrived in August with quite a bit of stuff, but throughout the semester I’ve accumulated even more. Let’s just hope everything will be able to fit into my mom’s car! Now let’s move on to my outfit and the rainbow zebras!!

The weather today is beautiful, but it was a tad chilly in the morning. The wind didn’t help either! I decided to pair my white tank dress with a cream Zara shirt I got while visiting my boyfriend and his family on Bainbridge Island, Washington. (It’s an island near Seattle). I loved the Zara shirt the moment I spotted it at the consignment shop. First of all, the shirt was light and flowy, which is my go-to style. Second, it had zebras! Third, the zebras had rainbow stripes. It doesn’t get anymore perfect than that!! Since it was still a little chilly, I decided to wear some colorful tights. I also added some more animals to my attire with my giraffe and elephant rings from Forever 21! The elephant may actually be an anteater — I’m not really sure, but regardless they seemed like the perfect addition!

IMG_4006 redone

IMG_4046 redone

IMG_4054 redone

IMG_4075 redone

IMG_4090 redone

IMG_4093 redone

IMG_4102 redone

IMG_4106 redone



Zebra Shirt — Zara via Silver Star Trading Post

Tank Dress — J.Jill (similar here)

Tights — Target

Boots — Dirty Laundry via DSW

Rings — Forever 21


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