Have you ever ordered clothing online and then realized that, in person, the item looks completely different? I’m sure you all have. I felt that way when I first received these pants from Brandy Melville. I actually bought them through Poshmark because they didn’t have them online and I sadly do not live near a Brandy store. I had seen these pants on Instagram and was in love with the print! I’m all about anything floral! However, the picture was cropped so I wasn’t able to see the cinched ankle. When I picked them up from my mail room at school, I couldn’t wait to try them on! But when I pulled them out of the wrapping, I was slightly disappointed. I hadn’t expected the pants to taper off at the ankles. I was thinking to myself, “How am I going to pull these off?” I kept trying to figure out outfits, but the hardest part was finding shoes that didn’t look awkward. All of my black shoes seemed blacker than the actual pants and didn’t seem to mesh. Some of my boots just made me look like a hobo whose pants were too short (I had a weird gap where the pants ended and the shoes had yet to begin). Nothing seemed to work and I felt I was out of options. Then, today I decided to make these pants work and, if I do say so myself, I thought I did a pretty fine job.

I paired the pants with a shirt I bought from a few years ago when they had a T-shirt collaboration with numerous designers. (This is the closest I’ll ever get to real Givenchy). This shirt caught my eye because it had a skeletal rib cage on it. For some reason, I really like skulls and bones. (I’m kind of morbid that way). Then I added my favorite black booties and threw on my jean shirt since it was still a little cool this morning. Overall, I was quite pleased with how the outfit turned out. And I think I made the pants work quite well!

IMG_4212 redone

IMG_4207 redone

IMG_4118 redone

IMG_4119 redone

IMG_4128 redone

IMG_4180 redone

IMG_4132 redone

IMG_4205 redone

IMG_4137 redone

IMG_4153 redone

IMG_4155 redone

IMG_4115 redone

IMG_4184 redone

IMG_4215 redone

IMG_4218 redone


Jean Jacket — Forever 21

Shirt — X Givenchy (old)

Pants — Brandy Melville

Shoes — Aldo via DSW


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