This outfit is actually from last weekend. I just hadn’t got around to posting it yet! I saw this Mink Pink blazer on Nasty Gal and loved it, but couldn’t afford it at the time. When I finally thought about splurging on it, the blazer was sold out :(. I immediately went to Google to see if I could find it on another site. It took a little bit of patience, but I eventually found it at Spoiled Brat (it is a clothing company). And it was cheaper!!! The blazer took a while to get here, because it came from Great Britain, but it was well worth the wait! It’s a soft material and very light, which is quite different than most blazers. Many blazers are made from heavy and thick material which make them impractical for warmer weather. The Mink Pink blazer is great for warm weather because you won’t overheat wearing it! The blazer is also an easy way to dress up an outfit and add a pop of color. That’s what I did with this outfit. Since the rest of my ensemble was cream/white, I decided to add the blazer to liven it up a little. This is how I like to incorporate color into my outfits — sometimes a little bit goes a long way!

IMG_3855 redone

IMG_3722 redone

IMG_3739 redone

IMG_3888 redone

IMG_3745 redone

IMG_3758 redone

IMG_3780 redone

IMG_3786 redone

IMG_3800 redone

IMG_3816 redone

IMG_3821 redone

IMG_3838 redone

IMG_3746 rredone

IMG_3881 redone

IMG_3882 redone

IMG_3704 redone


Blazer — Mink Pink via Spoiled Brat

Romper — Free People

Skirt — Free People

Shoes — Miss Trish of Capri for Target

Necklace — JewelMint 


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