I apologize for the lack of posts over the past few days! I came home from school on Wednesday, but I’ve still had two take-home finals to work on, but I am now done with both so it’s officially summer!!! Oh and I should just tell you about move-out day. First of all, I had so so so much stuff. It took four loads to get it all! Secondly, my RA thought I was moving out on Thursday — a day later than I actually was — so he didn’t have the paperwork necessary to check me out. Luckily he was able to get that figured out! Lastly, once my boyfriend, mom and I got everything packed our car wouldn’t start! I was like, “You’ve got to be kidding me!” We had to call AAA and they jump-started the car and then we were finally home free. Needless to say, it was quite a long day! (Hehe that rhymed). I am so glad to be home and even happier to be done with school work for the semester. Only one year left!!!

As for my outfit, this one was quite simple. I bought the Free People shirt on sale (I don’t think it’s available anymore). It looked so good on the model and I loved the lace at the bottom. When I got it and tried it on, I thought it may be too over-sized! However, when you wear it as more of a dress with leggings, I thought it looked good! Depending on your height, the garment acts as a shirt, dress or tunic. It’s quite versatile that way. I also really love this necklace I took from my mom. I’m not one to typically wear short choker necklaces — I usually go for the long down-to-your-belly-button necklaces. This necklace was an exception. It had blue, red, yellow and white beads and I just really liked where it fell right above the collarbone!

IMG_3966 redone

IMG_3901 redone

IMG_3953 redone

IMG_3906 redone

IMG_3915 redone

IMG_3921 redone

IMG_3923 redone

IMG_3927 redone

IMG_3967 redone


Shirt — Free People

Leggings — Charlotte Russe

Shoes — Converse

Necklace — Stole from my mother


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