Slowly,  but surely I’ve been unpacking all of my clothing and accessories from school. I still have a long way to go though. In the process of unpacking, I’ve also been cleaning out my closet. I have a lot of stuff to donate!! Since I don’t have everything unpacked, putting outfits together is difficult because I’ll have something in mind, but I won’t be able to find the specific piece I’m looking for. Lately, I’ve been living off of the vintage pieces I bought from Salvation Army. This was the lone dress I bought last week. I’m not usually a fan of red — I just don’t think it looks good on me. But when I tried this dress on, I loved it!  My initial thought was that I would cut the dress to make it look a little more up-to-date, but after today, I’ve changed my mind! I like it long!! It’s actually the perfect length, ending just above my ankle. I don’t own many maxi dresses, but I’m glad I found this one!! And, hey, it was only $4!!

IMG_4465 redone

IMG_4541 redone

IMG_4468 redone

IMG_4506 redone

IMG_4503 redone

IMG_4497 redone

IMG_4470 redone

IMG_4475 redone

IMG_4492 redone

IMG_4457 redone

IMG_4454 redone

IMG_4548 redone


Dress — Salvation Army

Belt — Vintage

Necklace — Urban Outfitters

Shoes — Miss Trish of Capri for Target


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