I don’t know what was going on during today’s mini photo session, but I couldn’t seem to keep a straight face. A good portion of my pictures for today were of me goofing off and making weird faces! Luckily I was able to find some good photos too! Haha!! However, I did have to include some of the less serious pictures because that’s just who I am. Once you really get to know me, I may just be the weirdest person you’ve met in a long while. But enough talk about me and my oddities. Let’s move on to the clothing!

I went shopping with my mom last weekend. We were supposed to be shopping for her, but, inevitably, I ended up finding something for myself. We stopped at Coldwater Creek, which is closing, and J.Jill. I managed to find one item at both stores. Oops!! I kinda have a problem. I can find something I like anywhere whether it be a thrift store or a men’s store. This top is made from a light knit material so it’s super comfy and it was on sale. Everything in Coldwater Creek is on sale!! I like how the print only covered the front portion of the shirt, that way it wasn’t too much of a good thing! I also like how it looks like the shirt has horizontal stripes, but actually they’re just small polka dots arranged in a line. My mom happened to try on this same top, but she wasn’t feeling it. I thought it looked good, but she didn’t like the print. We have different tastes!! I paired the top with my favorite jeans from Free People — they just came back in stock too — and my pink floral TOMS for a pop of color!!!

IMG_4824 redone
IMG_4648 redone

IMG_4655 redone
IMG_4660 redone

IMG_4670 redone

IMG_4675 redone

IMG_4685 redone

IMG_4695 redone

IMG_4699 redone

IMG_4743 redone

IMG_4764 redone

IMG_4787 redone

IMG_4792 redone

IMG_4823 redone


Top — Coldwater Creek

Jeans — Free People

Shoes — TOMS


2 thoughts on “MINI DOTS TEE

    1. Thank you! You’re too sweet!! It is naturally this curly. I got it from my dad! Sometimes I wear my hair in a braid when I sleep too which creates more manageable waves!

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