This is the second day in a row I’ve decided to sport some safari/animal print. What can I say? I just really love animals!! This was one of my splurge shirts too!! I got it — or more so, my mom got it for me — at a small boutique in Gettysburg! I even got to meet the designer Meredith Banzhoff for a few minutes!! Banzhoff designs structured shirts, shirt dresses and sweaters along with some accessories. I was instantly drawn to this shirt because of the color. I liked the purples and greens. And once I got a closer look, I knew I needed this shirt in my wardrobe. Not only were there elephants, giraffes, flamingos and anteaters on it…but there were okapis!! I love okapis! They may just be my favorite animal! (And it is quite rare to see okapis on any type of clothing, let alone a fashion-forward shirt!!) I thought to myself, “When am I ever going to find a shirt with an okapi on it again?” Possibly never!! Let’s just say that it was a great investment piece. While I’m not usually a fan of colored shirts, the structure and print of this one intrigued me. I love wearing it as a jacket over dresses or rompers or buttoned up as a stand alone piece — as I did here!

I once read that when you think  about buying something, divide the cost of the item by the number of times you think you’ll wear it. For example, this shirt was around $260 (I don’t usually like to disclose prices, but since I’ve added a link to Meredith Banzhoff’s site you will be able to estimate the cost anyways). I’ve already worn it three times since buying it, so 260/3 = 86.67. Essentially, the shirt is now around $86.67. As I continue to wear it, the cost per wear will decrease. Had I only worn this shirt once, it probably wouldn’t have been worth the $260, but since I plan on wearing it for a while the price doesn’t seem as bad!

I paired the top with some of my favorite cutoff shorts from Sheinside (which are slightly too high-cut because you can see my behind when I bend over). I also added my tan heeled booties and lace socks from Free People. I don’t like not wearing socks! I’m weird like that. I can’t stand sleeping or walking around my house without socks! That quirk, and my desire to add a little bit of funkiness to all of my outfits, resulted in the addition of these socks. That was my way of making the outfit more me!

IMG_5111 redone
IMG_5000 redone

IMG_5028 redone

IMG_5056 redone

IMG_5048 redone

IMG_5116 redone

IMG_5055 redone

IMG_5063 redone

IMG_4996 redone

IMG_5067 redone

IMG_5072 redone

IMG_5122 redone

IMG_5090 redone

IMG_5100 redone

IMG_5107 redone

IMG_5127 redone

IMG_5129 redone


Shirt — Meredith Banzhoff

Shorts — Sheinside

Socks — Free People

Shoes — Clarks



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