I found out yesterday that I have already used 99% of the 3GB space I’ve been given on my blog! Like seriously?! That’s insane! It seems that my photos were taking up a ridiculous amount of space so I am now saving all of my pictures on my Flickr page and inserting them into my posts from there. Hopefully this new method will save space and prevent me from having to buy extra GBs for my site! Onto some better news! My new Reformation top came yesterday!!! Ahhhh, I was so excited!! I’m in love with everything they design. The only bad thing (it’s not really bad, just bad for my bank account) is that they come out with new collections so often and I always want everything…but sadly I don’t have the money. This is their Lilou top and it comes in numerous colors and prints. (I’d buy every single one. That’s how much I love this top!) It has small eyelet closures and it’s just so delicate and ethereal. Plus, the white color goes with basically anything!!!

I decided to wear a high-waisted skirt to balance out the crop top, that way I didn’t bear too much midriff. This skirt was one of my Salvation Army finds!! I love the deep pink, orange and purple flowers and I really like the slits along each side. They show just the right amount of leg! I actually forgot I owned this skirt. I guess I have too many clothes since I can’t even remember what I own!! But hey, it gives me the chance to essentially shop in my closet and find new treasures I forgot I had!!

IMG_5361 redone
IMG_5431 redone
IMG_5421 redone
IMG_5420 redone
IMG_5339 redone
IMG_5369 redone
IMG_5392 redone
IMG_5378 redone
IMG_5376 redone
IMG_5336 redone
IMG_5313 redone
IMG_5430 redone


Top — Reformation

Skirt — Express via Salvation Army

Boots — Aldo via DSW

Necklace — Blue Bayer Design NYC on Etsy


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