A cop car stopped when I was getting ready to take these photos! I thought my boyfriend (i.e. my photographer) and I were going to get in trouble for parking alongside the road and taking these pictures, but luckily he just stopped to see if everything was okay. The officer wanted to make sure our car didn’t break down. When I told him we were just taking pictures for my blog he said, “Oh, your blog?” I’m not sure he was familiar with the term, but he just smiled and kept on driving. My heart did skip a beat when I saw the car pull up though. I’m not one who’s usually in trouble, so I got a little nervous! Hehe.

I decided to wear my Free People slip dress that I bought on sale  for this outfit post. I got it for around $50, which was about half of the original price! Of course, you have to wear something under it since it is sheer and I opted for another Free People item — the seamless romper. It’s great! I wear it under skirts and other sheer garments! I decided to bring my dried flower bouquet I bought in Lancaster a few years ago too. I wanted to emulate the photos in the Free People catalog — kind of hippy, bohemian with a hint of wanderer. Hopefully I was able to achieve that!!

IMG_5299 redone
IMG_5145 redone
IMG_5293 redone
IMG_5250 redone
IMG_5265 redone
IMG_5283 redone
IMG_5143 redone
IMG_5224 redone
IMG_5252 redone
IMG_5248 redone
IMG_5186 redone
IMG_5285 redone


Dress — Free People (sold out)

Romper — Free People

Shoes — Urban Outfitters

Necklace — Sundance 


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