I spent this past Thursday at the York Central Market with my mom, aunt and boyfriend. My mom and I go to another York market with my grandmother most Fridays, but I hadn’t been to the one in downtown York for quite some time. Let’s just say, I made out okay! I left with some delicious brownies, Malaysian tofu and coconut rice and a smoothie among other things!! I’m one of those weird people who loves grocery shopping! Couple that with my love of food and it can wreak havoc on my mom’s wallet!! The thing I love about markets is that they’re more personal. You can talk to the people at each stand and learn about them and their food. The woman at the Malaysian food stand talked to me for a good 15 minutes explaining her food, how its made and her upcoming trip back to Malaysia. I love learning about other people!!! And the Malaysian tofu and rice was really good!!!

After we finished at the market, we walked around some of the shops and, of course, I found some new clothing! I’ll be sure to feature it on the blog soon!! As we got ready to head home, I noticed this overgrown building that was literally just a couple feet away from where we had parked. So I had my mom pull into the gravel lot and that’s where I had my photo shoot!! This romper is one of my favorites — honestly pretty much any romper is a favorite of mine! (I have it in white as well!!) I love the loose fit and the lace detail at the bottom. I originally saw it at LF, a boutique store that is a tad too expensive for me! Luckily, I was able to find the same exact romper online for less than half of the LF price!!! But don’t get me wrong, LF is a great store. When I was in California in January, I visited the La Jolla store frequently! I added one of my thrifted shirts and wore it as a jacket to add another layer and a little more color! I also chose to add my Mattlin Era necklace designed by Nikki Reed (from Twilight). There are a few pieces from her collection still available at Glam Boutique online, but sadly this necklace is not one of them! I really liked this necklace because it has a prehistoric vibe to it! The dimpling in the metal and the shape of the pieces remind me of fossils. It’s uniqueness drew me in so I just had to get it!!

IMG_5577 redone

IMG_5551 redone

IMG_5521 redone

IMG_5596 redone

IMG_5475 redone

IMG_5500 redone

IMG_5491 redone

IMG_5478 redone

IMG_5495 redone

IMG_5471 redone


Romper — Purple Cow Boutique

Shirt (worn as jacket) — Salvation Army

Necklace — Mattlin Era by Nikki Reed for Glam Boutique

Boots — Aldo via DSW



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