I bought these pants last summer in Seattle. I had never been to an Aritzia store, let alone heard of the brand, before, but I ended up loving the store! They have many simple and easy-to-wear pieces that can easily fit into anyone’s wardrobe. I also liked how they have numerous lines within their own brand, providing a variety of styles. The only downside was that their clothing was a tad pricey!! Every item I got that day was on sale, including these pants!! I also bought two over-sized tees (no surprise there)! I own too many big shirts! Oops. These pants were a little out of my comfort zone, since I tend to wear more neutral and muted colors, but for some reason I really liked the coral color. (When it comes to anything else I buy, bright colors are my go-to! So it’s kind of surprising that I tend to avoid them in my wardrobe.) I decided not to go too bright by pairing my coral pants with a sheer white shirt from Nasty Gal! But I played with a pop of color again by adding my tiny yellow hippo necklace!! It was comfortable! It was vibrant! And it was stylish!

IMG_5793 redone
IMG_5734 redone
IMG_5808 redone
IMG_5809 redone
IMG_5727 redone
IMG_5770 redone
IMG_5843 redone
IMG_5720 redone
IMG_5791 redone


Shirt — Nasty Gal

Pants — Aritzia

Bralette (under shirt) — LF

Shoes — Urban Outfitters

Necklace — J.Crew


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