Have I mentioned how much I love rompers?! I know I have, but I really just need to emphasize my LOVE!! They have quickly become a staple in my wardrobe. Whenever I’m struggling to find something to wear, I go straight to the romper section in my closet and I always come out looking great! (Or at least I think so.) I mean, just think about it; we begin life in onesies — which are essentially rompers for babies! It just makes sense that we come full circle as we get older and break out those onesies again!! The only downside is that it’s hard to use the bathroom, but sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice yourself for fashion.

Forever 21 has so many great rompers at low prices! I found this Forever 21 romper at a Plato’s Closet near school and I think it was around $10 or $12 — you can’t beat that! I love the dainty straps and the floral/star pattern. I’m not sure if they’re flowers or not since they have five points, but I like it regardless. If you don’t own any rompers, I suggest giving them a try! They can work on any body type. They can accentuate long lean legs on skinnier girls and also create a slimmer figure by cinching in on the waist of curvier girls! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!
IMG_5899 redone
IMG_5891 redone
IMG_5933 redone
IMG_5915 redone
IMG_5907 redone
IMG_5929 redone
IMG_5905 redone
IMG_5871 redone
IMG_5889 redone
IMG_5859 redone
IMG_5858 redone


Romper — Forever 21 via Plato’s Closet

Shoes — Urban Outfitters

Necklace — Forever 21



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