I was coming back from Hobby Lobby today with my mom and boyfriend when we drove by this old abandoned barn. I was a tad too late in telling my mom to stop the car so we had to pull into a small motel and turn around. There’s just something about old run-down buildings that intrigues me! But whenever I take pictures at locations like this, I try to make it quick — there are usually “No Trespassing” signs and I sure don’t want to get into any trouble!!

This dress is another one of my Plato’s Closet finds. I’m not sure where the dress originally came from (but I have a hunch it may have been Francesca’s.) Although I’ve had this dress for going on a year, I think this was my first time wearing it! I’m really getting into the high necklines. (There’s a similar style romper and dress on Reformation that I’m just dying to own!) I usually go for the deep cut shirts and dresses because I love showing off my collarbone! I know that might sound weird, but I think the collarbone is one of the sexiest parts of a woman’s body…along with the back and legs! While this dress didn’t show off my clavicle, I liked how it flattered my arms. Since the bodice isn’t tight and since it’s cut away from the armpit, the dress made my arms look nice and toned — there wasn’t too much of that “armpit vagina” as Jennifer Lawrence puts it! Another reason I bought this dress was the bird print. The navy birds on the cream-colored dress gave off a slight nautical feel, but I didn’t want to go in that direction. So I added my green and black Urban Outfitters flats and my colorful ReNewed Intent zipper bracelet! I got the bracelet at a local craft show last year. ReNewed Intent has so many other unique pieces all made from recycled materials like books, newspaper, keys and zippers! This bracelet is my way of adding color to my outfit and showing off my love of rainbows without going overboard!

IMG_6002 redone
IMG_5964 redone
IMG_5951 redone
IMG_5943 redone

IMG_6041 redone
IMG_6000 redone
IMG_6009 redone
IMG_6035 redone
IMG_6032 redone
IMG_5974 redone
IMG_6054 redone
IMG_6040 redone
IMG_6007 redone
IMG_6033 redone
IMG_5942 redone


Dress — Plato’s Closet

Shoes — Urban Outfitters (similar here)

Bracelet — ReNewed Intent


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