I have been lusting after this Free People dress for quite some time, but just couldn’t justify spending nearly $150 for it. Well, now I have the dress and I got it for less than $100!!! What a steal?!! I was doing some blog reading a couple of days ago and saw that Cara Loren  had made a post about Memorial Day clothing sales on her site…and this dress was one of the specials. Nordstrom was selling the Free People maxi for just $88!! I know that may still seem expensive, but seeing as how it was $60 less than the original price, I was happy with it!! I read multiple reviews about the dress and its fit, so I decided to get an x-small. Typically I wear smalls, but I took a chance and sized down and the dress fits like a glove (cliché, I know). The bottom just brushes against the ground, so with a small heel it’s just perfect! I don’t own many maxi dresses because I tend to feel too short to pull them off (I’m nearly 5’6″), but they’re beginning to grow on me! They’re such an easy way to look fashionable and elegant. Just throw on a few accessories and you’re set!! If you’re interested in the dress, check out the Nordstrom sale!! The dress is currently sold out on Free People’s site, so you want to get it while you still can!!! IMG_6233 redone
IMG_6207 redone
IMG_6080 redone
IMG_6184 redone
IMG_6224 redone
IMG_6078 redone
IMG_6232 redone
IMG_6208 redone
IMG_6063 redone
IMG_6204 redone
IMG_6133 redone
IMG_6223 redone
IMG_6194 redone
IMG_6099 redone
IMG_6188 redone
IMG_6215 redone


Dress — Free People via Nordstrom

Shoes — Clarks

Necklace — JewelMint


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