I took advantage of Nasty Gal’s sale last week and ordered a few items — this romper being one of them! I kept going back and forth debating whether I really wanted to get it. It looked good on the model, but let’s be real — everything looks good on the models! My decision was even harder because if I didn’t end up liking it, I couldn’t return it. This Finders Keepers playsuit was discounted and was final sale, so I knew that even if it didn’t look good on, I’d be stuck with it! Luckily, it all worked out. I think it may still need to grow on me (I’m not sure if I pulled off the look or not) but I decided it was worth the $23 I spent! Yeah, that’s all I spent on it!! Can you believe that?! This romper was originally $158 and I got it for $23!!! Not only was it already on sale, but Nasty Gal was having an extra 5o% off sale on top of that! I got my shoes from the sale as well! They’re part of Nasty Gal’s Shoe Cult line and they are fabulous!! Unfortunately, neither my romper nor my shoes are available on Nasty Gal’s site anymore. However, you can still find the romper!! (See the links below.)

I also got one other pair of shoes, a tunic and a tank top! Everything was on sale except the tank, but my entire purchase was less than the original price of this Finders Keepers romper!!! You really can’t beat those savings!

IMG_6276 redone
IMG_6243 redone
IMG_6416 redone
IMG_6353 redone
IMG_6248 redone
IMG_6246 redone
IMG_6359 redone
IMG_6403 redone
IMG_6357 redone
IMG_6268 redone
IMG_6275 redone


Romper — Finders Keepers via Nasty Gal (sold out, but still available here and here)

Floral Shirt — Salvation Army

Safety Pin Ring (on thumb) — Urban Outfitters

Long Gold Ring — H&M

Shoes — Shoe Cult by Nasty Gal


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