I bought these crazy bright shorts when I was at school. I had been skimming through Lookbook and I found this picture of Dominique in the Everland two-piece set! Instantly, I got that feeling in the pit of my stomach — I would compare this to the feeling you get when you see someone you have a crush on and your stomach kind of drops and you get butterflies. That’s how I get with clothes. I know that may seem weird, but when I see something I like, I just get that feeling!! I immediately went online and found the pieces, but I opted to just get the shorts! I thought I’d be able to dress them up better than I would the top! And I love them! They are so bright and fun and happy and they’re an easy way to add some color to my usual neutral color palette! I added my new Nasty Gal tank and Shoe Cult shoes along with my sloth necklace (so cute!) and my rainbow bracelets to play up all of the colors in my shorts! I hope this outfit will brighten your day!!

IMG_6492 redone
IMG_6434 redone
IMG_6566 redone
IMG_6517 redone
IMG_6557 redone
IMG_6476 redone
IMG_6446 redone
IMG_6546 redone
IMG_6490 redone
IMG_6478 redone
IMG_6544 redone
IMG_6460 redone
IMG_6444 redone
IMG_6512 redone


Tank — Nasty Gal

Shorts — Everland Clothing

Shoes — Shoe Cult by Nasty Gal (here is silver)

Necklace — Art & Glassworks of Lancaster

Bracelets — Hershey Pharmacy find (unsure of brand)


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