I’ve come to realize that a good majority of my posts deal with floral prints! What can I say? I have an addiction!! There’s just something about florals that I’m always drawn to. They’re typically bright and colorful, but can also be muted and more sophisticated. Florals can be dressed up in a girly way, but can also be paired with a motorcycle jacket and boots to create an edgier look. They’re so diverse!! Maybe that’s why I like them so much!

I’ve had this H&M skirt for quite some time, but have rarely worn it. Today I decided to change that!! The skirt has a more abstract floral print and a more toned-down color palette. I thought that the pinks, whites and grays paired well with my floral Brandy dress I found on eBay! I did a little bit of color and print mixing in this outfit, but I was really happy with my overall look! The only issue I had was the shoes! It was warm and humid today and my feet were sweating in my black boots!! But those are the sacrifices you make for fashion, right?!

IMG_6843 redone new
IMG_6802 redone
IMG_6841 redone
IMG_6785 redone
IMG_6865 redone
IMG_6893 redone new
IMG_6866 redone
IMG_6851 redone
IMG_6833 redone
IMG_6842 redone
IMG_6811 redone
IMG_6864 redone


Dress (worn under skirt) — Brandy Melville

Skirt — H&M

Boots — Qupid via PacSun

Belt — J.Crew 


2 thoughts on “FLORAL ON FLORAL

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