Finally, the weather Gods have given us a decent day! It may not have  been as sunny as the meteorologists had first predicted, but it was in the low 70s and there was no humidity! I really can’t complain about that!! I picked up these pants at Target on Thursday when my mom and I were supposed to be grocery shopping (Oops!). The pattern immediately caught my attention and once I tried them on I was sold! They’re super light and comfortable and have an elastic waistband that ensures they don’t fall down!! And for $25 they were such a steal!! Since the pants were more voluminous, I decided to keep it light and simple on the top. I didn’t want to overwhelm my frame with two loose and flowy pieces. That is why I decided to add my dainty Brandy Melville tank! Ideally, I should have had some sort of garment tape to keep the tank in place, especially with the wind today!! The top is low cut up top and on the sides and I didn’t want to have something pop out that shouldn’t! That’s why I added my leather jacket to the ensemble. It added some more detail and texture to the outfit, while also protecting me from having an unwanted nip slip!!

IMG_7517 redone
IMG_7515 redone
IMG_7384 redone
IMG_7396 redone
IMG_7423 redone
IMG_7523 redone
IMG_7414 redone
IMG_7382 redone
IMG_7374 redone
IMG_7372 redone
IMG_7397 redone


Tank — Brandy Melville

Jacket — Blanc Noir via Nordstrom Rack

Pants — Target

Boots — Qupid via PacSun



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