I am in love with this floral patchwork romper from ASOS! First of all, I just have to say that ASOS has some great clothing that doesn’t break the bank! I ordered this romper, along with two others, a few weeks ago to add to my growing collection of one-pieces! Rompers and jumpsuits are just so quick and easy. You just throw them on, add a few accessories and head out the door!! When I wore this floral one out, I did notice a few people taking a second glance at me. Maybe they were thinking, “Oh, she’s so stylish.” Or maybe it was more of a, “Gee, that girl’s got some serious balls to wear something like that.” Or finally, it could have been “Is she wearing her grandma’s curtains?” Regardless of what they were thinking, I felt good in what I was wearing and I kept my head held high. One piece of advice I read over and over again in my magazines is to wear your clothing with confidence! Ultimately, your confidence is what gets peoples’ attention!!

I hope you all love this romper as much as I do…and if not, I hope that I can at least inspire you to take a risk with your wardrobe. Just remember to: Keep it interesting. Stay true to yourself, and be confident!!

IMG_7633 redone
IMG_7629 redone
IMG_7748 redone
IMG_7711 redone
IMG_7626 redone
IMG_7635 redone
IMG_7604 redone
IMG_7743 redone
IMG_7590 redone
IMG_7721 redone
IMG_7569 redone
IMG_7627 redone
IMG_7702 redone


Romper — ASOS

Socks — Unknown

Boots — Aldo via DSW

Necklace — Vintage


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