Today was one of those days where you wake up and it’s a little chilly, but by 11 a. m. it’s sunny and hot! That’s why I went for a light layered look…that way, if I did get warm I could simply lose the jacket and I’d still be fine. My tank is semi-sheer and light so it’s a great top for the warm and humid summers we have here in Hershey. The jacket is also light and airy. I think my mom actually bought this for herself a few years ago, but  it ended up in my closet (along with quite a few other pieces!) The shorts are a DIY cutoff that I found at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in January. I scoured through mounds of denim to find four pair that fit!! (They were four for $20! Such a great deal!!) I was actually kind of surprised when I took a look at the size of the shorts I found. They were all different!! One was a size 4 and another was a size 14!! That’s why it’s so hard to find denim that fits and is flattering. No jeans are made the same and the sizes differ depending on the brand!! Anyway, I’m not one to really look at size. I buy my clothing more based on fit. I tend to be attracted to the over-sized look a la the Olsen twins, so many of my shirts are larges. Some are even extra larges!! The important thing is that you feel good! And nothing feels better than a comfy over-sized tee!

IMG_8010 redone
IMG_7998 redone
IMG_7939 redone
IMG_8025 redone
IMG_8019 redone
IMG_8006 redone
IMG_7952 redone
IMG_7971 redone
IMG_7954 redone
IMG_8012 redone
IMG_8004 redone
IMG_7947 redone
IMG_7937 redone


Tank — Kohl’s

Shorts — Rose Bowl Flea Market Find

Sweater/Jacket — Chico’s

Boots — Dirty Laundry via DSW

Necklace — Sundance


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