There’s just something about train tracks that I love! I think it’s the fact that they are kind of rusty and dirty and littered with household items people no longer want! They’re the perfect vintage background I guess! I know that probably sounds weird, but that’s just how I feel! I also know that there’s a sign that says “No Trespassing,” but I was only there for maybe 15 minutes and my photographer (aka my boyfriend) would not let me stand on the actual tracks!

I really just can’t help myself. When I see train tracks, I want to stop and take pictures! This outfit fit in with the vintage vibe of my surroundings as I paired an old Guess button-down with my Brandy Melville dress!! The shirt is so bright and colorful which makes it pop against my white gauzy dress! I also added my maroon Converse to play up the red in the shirt without going too matchy matchy!!

IMG_8081 redone
IMG_8071 redone
IMG_8232 redone
IMG_8191 redone
IMG_8164 redone
IMG_8186 redone
IMG_8099 redone
IMG_8114 redone
IMG_8066 redone
IMG_8179 redone
IMG_8062 redone
IMG_8053 redone
IMG_8174 redone
IMG_8134 redone


Dress — Brandy Melville

Shirt (worn as a jacket) — Vintage Guess

Shoes — Converse

Necklace — Craft Show Find


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