Olivia Palermo…or should I say Olivia Huebl…has been one of my style inspirations ever since her days on MTV’s The City. She just knows how to put an outfit together. She also doesn’t seem to shy away from any style or trend. That may just be the reason I admire her so much. Olivia doesn’t put herself in a box when it comes to style. She seems to be open to anything. And that anything includes a three-piece wedding ensemble!! Check it out!


Olivia married longtime boyfriend and model Johannes Huebl on June 29 in Bedford, N.Y. Obviously she styled herself (I mean the girl needs no help!) Instead of a traditional gown, Olivia opted to wear a cashmere sweater with scattered ostrich feathers, white shorts and a tulle skirt all by Carolina Herrera. And for the shoes, she went with blue Manolo Blahniks! Apparently, they were the same Manolos that Carrie Bradshaw wore when she married Big at the courthouse!! Way to pay tribute to such an iconic character!!! I can’t say I was surprised that Olivia made such unique choice of wedding attire. She seems like a risk taker and this risk — if you even want to call it that — definitely paid off! She looks stunning and so effortlessly gorgeous! This is such a great way for anyone on a budget to dress for their big day as well. While her attire was far from cheap, anyone looking for an alternative to the wedding dress could easily sport a white sweater, shorts and sheer overlay skirt that would look just as elegant! It seems that this was just the beginning for the couple. Wedding #2 is on the way!!! And I cannot wait to see what Olivia wears for that ceremony. I have a feeling she’ll be wearing a more traditional dress, but Olivia will definitely make it all her own! She always does!!



All photos courtesy of Vogue and Olivia Palermo


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