Today my family and I celebrated the 4th of July by going out to breakfast — and I had red, white and blue pancakes!! They had blueberries, strawberries and this mascarpone cream on top!! Mmmmm, were they good!! So while I didn’t sport the colors of my nation for the holiday, at least I ate them! That still counts for something, right?!

I decided to wear this floral dress I had found on the Urban Outfitters sale rack!! There had to be at least 20 of these dresses in the sale room. Sometimes when you see too many of one look on a sale rack, you think to yourself, “If there are so many left and the store’s desperate to get rid of them, maybe I shouldn’t buy it. No one else seemed to like it! I’m gonna look like a complete mess!” That thought went through my mind, but ultimately I decided to purchase the dress because I loved the style and the colors and it was only $20! And my vintage denim vest was the perfect addition to this dress because it added some extra coverage up top since the dress had spaghetti straps and a lower back. The denim also helped to tame the vibrant print so as not to be too overpowering! The vest was just another way to add depth to my outfit! Layers are an easy way to amp up any outfit! A simple vest, faux leather jacket or flannel are some of my favorite items to layer over top of tees and dresses!  

IMG_8558 redone
IMG_8655 redone
IMG_8609 redone
IMG_8684 redone
IMG_8544 redone
IMG_8683 redone
IMG_8668 redone
IMG_8634 redone
IMG_8606 redone
IMG_8556 redone


Dress — Urban Outfitters

Vest — Vintage

Shoes — Converse

Necklace — Blue Bayer Design NYC via Etsy


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