Each summer the wildflowers pop up all around Hershey and I make time to do a blog shoot among their natural beauty! The poppies are by far my favorite!! Unfortunately there weren’t as many poppies this year, but the flowers were still just as beautiful. There were flowers in every color of the rainbow from pink to orange to cornflower blue! There’s nothing I love more than being in a sea of colors and the flowers made for the perfect backdrop to today’s ensemble.

I’ve had this dress for quite a few years now. I mean the Rodarte for Target collection hit stores in late 2009, so I guess this had been in my closet for going on four years! I’ve worn it on several occasions, but I sometimes feel it’s a little too dressy for everyday wear. However, today I decided to wear it because I thought the wildflowers would complement it quite well. The dress is a gorgeous pale blue with a textured light fabric. The only downside to the dress is the sheer mesh that goes around my chest. It can be a little scratchy  at times, but sometimes you just have to suck it up in the name of fashion! I added my gold sparrow clip-on earrings — though I do have my ears pierced — because it added another earthy touch to my outfit! And my yellow hippo necklace was just one of my quirky touches!! Of course, I had to throw in a few pictures of the flowers too!! Hope you all enjoy!!

IMG_8807 redone
IMG_8844 redone
IMG_8826 redone
IMG_8812 redone
IMG_8801 redone
IMG_8862 redone
IMG_8835 redone
IMG_8797 redone
IMG_8794 redone
IMG_8848 redone
IMG_8706 redone
IMG_8779 redone
IMG_8774 redone
IMG_8861 redone
IMG_8731 redone
IMG_8790 redone
IMG_8843 redone


Dress — Rodarte for Target

Shoes — Nine West

Necklace — J.Crew

Bird Clip-on Earrings — Bryant Park Boutique in NYC


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