Surprise!! Another floral dress. I just can’t get enough of it! This dress is great, even for those of you who may not be a fan of floral. Since the print is made up of tiny flowers it doesn’t overwhelm! This dress is also even more beautiful in-person than it was online, which is rare! Many times the models, lighting and editing can make the clothing look so amazing online, but once you open your new package the color or material aren’t what you were expecting. Nothing’s worse than that disappointment you feel when the clothing you’ve been waiting for just doesn’t meet your expectations! Luckily this dress didn’t let me down. I hadn’t realized how colorful the print was until I saw the dress in-person. There are hints of purple, orange, red, green and blue — basically every color of the rainbow. Two of my favorite things all in one (rainbows and florals!) I initially had a belt on to give myself a waistline, but I wasn’t really feeling it. So I decided to just go with the natural flow of the dress. I like the loose feel. Some may say it’s shapeless, but to each his own! Fashion is a direct reflection of yourself and this outfit is very me!

IMG_9280 redone IMG_9317 redone IMG_9263 redone IMG_9269 redone IMG_9309 redone IMG_9271 redone IMG_9238 redone IMG_9330 redone IMG_9220 redone IMG_9217 redone IMG_9266 redone IMG_9246 redone IMG_9241 redone IMG_9206 redone IMG_9204 redone IMG_9212 redone IMG_9210 redone IMG_9279 redone IMG_9237 redone IMG_9222 redone


Dress — ASOS

Necklace — Sundance

Shoes — Clarks 


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