This is my fourth time wearing these Dr. Martens, yet they still squeak when I walk! Guess I still have some breaking in to do!! Seriously, with every step there’s a low creaking noise coming from my feet! I’m like one of those obnoxious elementary students who has to twist and turn their feet after coming in from a wet playground, ensuring that I squeak the entire way back to the classroom – – except I’m not in control of the squeaking! But hey, at least the boots look good, right?!

I decided to go for an all-white outfit pairing my white Aritzia tee with a lace Urban Outfitters skirt (both of which were purchased on sale I might add!) I added the Dr. Martens to grunge up the look a bit; I didn’t want to look too girly. This outfit would also look great with a pair of heels! The extra height would help to elongate the body. Since the skirt hits slightly below the knee, it can work against me, making my legs appear shorter. But I wasn’t looking to dress my ensemble up too much. That’s why I stayed with my Docs!!

IMG_9463 redone
IMG_9451 redone
IMG_9427 redone
IMG_9367 redone
IMG_9468 redone
IMG_9400 redone
IMG_9459 redone
IMG_9462 redone
IMG_9391 redone
IMG_9370 redone


Shirt — Aritzia

Skirt — Urban Outfitters

Boots — Dr. Martens via DSW

Watch — Vintage


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