Clearly I’ve been going through an all-white phase these past few days!! White is always my go-to color. If I see a sweater, a top, a romper — you name it — that comes in multiple hues, my first choice of color is always white/cream. It’s a color that goes with everything. It just looks so relaxed and chic! The only downside is that white clothing can be sheer and you have to be careful not to get dirt, food or any other messy things on it! I sure don’t want to look like a slob!!

This was the outfit I wore to visit my aunt and cousins in Rockwood, Pa., a small country town with a population of 954. There isn’t too much to do there (Walmart is probably the town hot spot) , but it’s always nice catching up with my family! It was in the upper 60s there so I needed something to wear over my playsuit. I decided to add my white button-down shirt from Free People (which I love!!) and then my cream-colored floral loafers to add a hint of color! I was so comfortable for the 2 1/2 hour drive, yet still looked stylish. It was a win-win!!

IMG_9659 redone
IMG_9594 redone
IMG_9623 redone
IMG_9667 redone
IMG_9638 redone
IMG_9574 redone
IMG_9649 redone
IMG_9637 redone
IMG_9635 redone
IMG_9639 redone
IMG_9663 redone


Romper — Purple Cow

Shirt — Free People

Shoes — Urban Outfitters


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