I didn’t intend on wearing all Brandy Melville today, but that’s just how it worked out! If you’ve never heard of the brand, you should check it out! Brandy is great for basic pieces that can be paired with jeans, skirts or layered. I’m in love with their sheer tees and easy-to-wear dresses. Most of their clothing is on the cheaper side too which is a bonus. Brandy may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I like their simple design and aesthetic!!

I love this top because the material is thick enough and supportive enough for me to wear without any bra! (Never mind the fact that I have small boobies.) And any time I can ditch the bra, I go for it!! (They’re not always the most comfortable.) Since the skirt had a higher waistline, I thought it would look great with my crop top. I didn’t want to show too much skin and with this look, all you see is a little bit of midriff!!

IMG_9872 redone
IMG_9958 redone
IMG_9992 redone
IMG_9963 redone
IMG_9921 redone
IMG_9988 redone
IMG_9920 redone
IMG_9908 redone
IMG_9985 redone
IMG_9973 redone
IMG_9986 redone
IMG_9865 redone


Top — Brandy Melville

Skirt — Brandy Melville 

Shoes — Sam Edelman via Nordstrom Rack


2 thoughts on “BRANDY

  1. Love your outfit! It’s so cute. I’m kind of obsessing over these halter tops and I’m trying to figure out nice ways to transition them for fall, maybe that’ll be my next post. Keep up the great work. Check out my blog if you’d like.

    1. Thank you!! I just love adding extra layers for fall — that way I can still wear my favorite pieces from summer. I’ll be sure to check out your blog!

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