On the way to my family reunion this past Sunday, I was scoping out locations for a blog post! The reunion was in Sunbury, Pa., which is essentially a hick town with lots of farms. Everyone hunts and eats a lot of meat — the complete opposite of me!! It’s nice to visit with some family I rarely get to see, but honestly my mom and I don’t know or converse with that many people there. However, one of the pluses of having a reunion in the sticks is that there are a lot of cool spots for an impromptu photo shoot. When we drove by this parking lot filled with rusted truck trailers, I made my mom turn around! There’s something about old and rusty things that I’m really attracted to. Maybe that’s why I love antiquing so much!!

The truck graveyard made a great backdrop for my modern and girly outfit. The rust and off-white color were a nice contrast to my pristine white Reformation top. Just as I did in my previous post, I paired my crop top with some printed high-waist bottoms from Sheinside! Since the whole outfit was pastel and mainly neutral, I wanted to add a pop of color with my shoes. So I added my Urban Outfitters flats which were emerald and black! 

IMG_0129 redone
IMG_0102 redone
IMG_0061 redone
IMG_0098 redone
IMG_0137 redone
IMG_0017 redone
IMG_0044 redone
IMG_0108 redone
IMG_0091 redone
IMG_0084 redone
IMG_0064 redone
IMG_0088 redone


Top — Reformation

Shorts — Sheinside

Shoes — Urban Outfitters

Necklace — Sundance 


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