I just got back from a two-day mini vacation to the beach in Cape May with my mom and boyfriend. It was nice to get away for a little, but unfortunately the weather wasn’t ideal. The first day it was cloudy and the second day it pretty much rained/drizzled all day! While the getaway wasn’t exactly what we had in mind, we made the best of it!  We spent Friday morning on the beach, and let’s just say I should not have worn a strapless bikini!! 

My boyfriend and I got into the water and were trying to ride the waves (body surf I guess), but some of the waves were so big and I would be pushed down and lose my top. I scurried to pull it up and fix it before surfacing, but it was much more difficult than you’d probably think. This happened at least five times before I finally called it quits! I should’ve worn a top with straps, that way I wouldn’t have had to worry about flashing the entire beach!! Oh, and while I was eating my lunch, a seagull came up behind me and just took my sandwich right out of my hand! I hadn’t even seen it coming! I was so shocked because it all happened so quickly, but I guess I should have been more careful. Those seagulls are clever little devils!! 

I wish I would have had the opportunity to take more outfit photos, but at least I got to use this super cool restaurant wall as a backdrop! This building was just a block from where we stayed so on Saturday morning my boyfriend and I headed over there while there was a slight lull in the rain. When we had driven by, I instantly fell in love with the color and slight ombré effect of the paint. The wall also went perfectly with my outfit. I’m obsessed with this Purple Cow romper. I wear it all the time because it’s just so easy and comfortable!! This time I layered my floral denim jacket (which I scored at Salvation Army for $3) over a Gap vest on top of the romper! This added a floral and polka-dot pattern to make the whole outfit more interesting! 

IMG_0202 redone
IMG_0196 redone
IMG_0211 redone
IMG_0285 redone
IMG_0253 redone
IMG_0207 redone
IMG_0192 redone
IMG_0267 redone
IMG_0172 redone
IMG_0167 redone
IMG_0233 redone
IMG_0288 redone
IMG_0226 redone
IMG_0229 redone


Playsuit — Purple Cow

Vest (under jacket) — Gap (old)

Jean Jacket — Salvation Army

Shoes — Miss Trish of Capri for Target (old)


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