I am so ready for fall!! I’m ready to bring out my sweaters and start layering over dresses, tees and skirts!  There are some pieces of clothing I tend to wear year round — like my Free People Voile Lace Trapeze Slip. In the summer, I will just wear the slip and maybe a light jacket or tights. But in the fall, I’ll layer the slip over top of a long-sleeve shirt or just throw a big slouchy knit over top so just the bottom of the slip peeks out! There’s no reason to put all of your summer/spring clothes in storage for the colder months!!

These pictures are just getting me pumped and ready for fall; plus there are a couple of rainbow pictures! I always find them inspiring. There’s just something about all of the colors that draws me in every time!!

today 23


today 22


today 17.


today 15


today 21


today 19


today 18


today 16


today 14


today 13


today 12


today 9


today 3


today 2


today 7


today 5


today 4


today 11


today 10


These photos are not my own.



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