I heard on the radio the other day that men and women are most attracted to people wearing the color red! Who would have guessed?! When I think about what color I like seeing my boyfriend wear most often, it would definitely have to be black. Guess I’m in the minority on that one! I wasn’t surprised that men like women in red. The color red seems to be associated with sex and physicality — or the devil.  I mean, just think of the Scarlet Letter or the modern version Easy A.

I’ve never been super fond of the color because it just didn’t look good on me, but I have been broadening my horizons lately. I bought this dress from Urban Outfitters a while ago (like at least a year ago). I’m not sure if I’ve ever even worn it before, but today I went for it! The dress is super light and breezy making it über-comfortable. I have to say, red is growing on me! I still don’t own many articles of clothing in this hue — and I probably never will — but there is something about the color that makes you stand out!

So now for the important question: Are you more attracted to me in this dress? Hehe

IMG_0831 redone
IMG_0837 redone
IMG_0908 redone
IMG_0856 redone
IMG_0790 redone
IMG_0899 redone
IMG_0872 redone
IMG_0830 redone


Dress — Urban Outfitters

Shoes — Sam & Libby via Target

Bracelet — Nasty Gal


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