There’s something about this dress that makes me think of Eeyore. I think it’s the color — though if you look at some pictures, he looks like he’s almost a bluish color. While the color reminds me of the poor soul, nothing else about this dress is Eeyore-like. It’s not sad or dreary. It’s fun and flirty, showing a little bit of skin in the front and the back.

This dress is the perfect skater dress for me! It’s so comfortable and doesn’t require a bra (sorry to the bigger-chested women out there.) I think Tamron Hall said it best on the Today Show this morning; “Skater dresses work for everyone!” It’s so true. They usually cinch in around the skinniest part of a woman and then flare out, but not to an unflattering extent. This makes it work for any and all shapes. Skater dresses are the best of both worlds because they are form-fitting up top and loose and flowy down below.

Check out this article from the Today Show for more about the trend taking over the blogosphere!!

IMG_0962 redone
IMG_0947 redone
IMG_1012 redone
IMG_0930 redone
IMG_0987 redone

The color does look Eeyoreish doesn’t it? Hehe


Dress — Urban Outfitters

Necklace — Sundance

Shoes — Urban Outfitters


Eeyore photo courtesy of Disney


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