If I had $275 to spare, I would have bought the Stone Cold Fox Ziggy romper! It’s just so beautiful and simple and sexy! Ahhhh, I just love it! But as a college student I can’t justify spending that much on one item. But I can justify spending $50 on a look-a-like piece!! Luna B recently came out with their Date Night Romper! While it has some slight differences from the Stone Cold Fox version, it looks pretty darn close to the real thing.

The white stripes are thicker, the tie is higher and the material is different, but I don’t mind that when I’m saving $225! Also, since this romper ties higher on my chest, it makes me feel more comfortable than the Ziggy romper would have. It has a much deeper V cut which I think is cute, but I would have been constantly worrying about a nip slip.

IMG_1225 redone
IMG_1181 redone
IMG_1205 redone

Luna B version on left and the Stone Cold Fox original on right.

IMG_1259 redone
IMG_1306 redone
IMG_1294 redone


Romper — Luna B

Shoes — Shoe Cult by Nasty Gal (similar here and here)


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