I will never stop obsessing over Reformation! All of their designs are too die for, but I have to budget myself because the prices add up quickly. But instead of getting this dress for $198, I found it on eBay for less than $80! That’s my secret — I look for clothing I love on eBay and other discount sites. I rarely pay full price and that’s how I afford all of the clothing I own.

This Magpie dress is great because while it’s completely covered in the front, the entire back is open. It’s like business in the front and party in the back. Hehe!! It shows just the right amount of skin and I also absolutely love the floral pattern. (What a surprise right?)

I’m currently eyeing up a few other Reformation items on eBay, so you may be seeing those on the blog in the near future!

IMG_1568 redone
IMG_1501 redone
IMG_1533 redone
IMG_1584 redone
IMG_1566 redone
IMG_1530 redone
IMG_1513 redone
IMG_1510 redone
IMG_1582 redone
IMG_1539 redone
IMG_1508 redone
IMG_1503 redone


Dress — Reformation

Shoes — Sam & Libby for Target


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