She’s a Victoria’s Secret model, designer and Adam Levine’s other half, but she’s also one of my style inspirations. Behati Prinsloo has such a rocker chic vibe. I love how she mixes high-end and vintage pieces and never looks like she’s trying. No matter what she wears, there is some edgy element. If she opts for a pink dress, she pairs it with a leather moto jacket. If it’s a long floral maxi, she adds black biker boots or Chucks. I just love everything she wears!

I also love Behati because she’s from Africa and has the coolest accent. She was born in Namibia and discovered in Cape Town, South Africa at age 16. Ahhh, what a life! She’s absolutely gorgeous — even without makeup. Everything about her screams effortless and minimal…but with an edge. And who wouldn’t want to be married to Adam Levine, right?

behati 3
behati 2
behati 1
behati 28
behati 27
behati 19
behati 18
behati 26
behati 17
behati 16
behati 15
behati 25
behati 24
behati 22
behati 14
behati 13
behati 12
behati 11
behati 20
behati 10
behati 9
behati 8
behati 7
behati 6
behati 4

These photos are not my own.


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